Understanding Facebook Insights

Now that you have a page that should be fully operational its time to understand how people are engaging with your page. To do this Facebook offers a tool called Insights which after gaining a minimum of thirty likes will give you metrics relating to your page. There are now eight sections covered by Facebook Insights:

  1. Overview
  3. Reach
  4. Page Views
  5. Actions on Page
  6. Posts
  7. Video
  8. People

Let’s take a more in-depth look at each one to better understand what insights you can gain about your page.


Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 3.43.00 PM

The overview section covers your page’s performance over the last week. This features four areas:

  • Page Views – total page views for your page over a certain period of time.
  • Page Likes – shows the total likes for your page and the new likes your page has gotten including the percentage increase or decrease in them over the last week.
  • Post Reach – which is the total number of people that saw your page and posts, this also includes percentages for the last week.
  • Videos – the total of video views you’ve received with at least three seconds watched.

There is also an area that evaluates your five most recent posts in terms of type, reach, engagement, and promoting.


The next section to cover is Likes, the information under likes features another three sections:

  • Page Likes – this is the total page likes your page gets everyday.
  • Net Likes – this number evaluates your new likes versus unlikes for a net number.
  • Where your Page Likes Happened – evaluates where your page likes happened


Next is the reach section with covers four main areas:

  • Post Reach – the amount of people that received your post in their feed. This can be examined individually through paid or organic reach.
  • Likes, comments, and shares – these are forms of engagement that your fans use on your page. This shows how much of this engagement is helping you reach even more people.
  • Hide, Report as Spam and Unlikes – this is the opposite of the above, these are forms of engagement that have a negative effect on your page’s ability to reach people.
  • Total Reach – this is how many people have received some form of activity from your page in their feed.

Page Views

The visits section elaborates on how people are visiting your page through two sections:

  • Page and Tab Visits – this keeps track of the number of people that view your page and page tabs.
  • External Referrers – here you can see the number of people that found your page from an external website and were directed to your page.

Actions on Page

This is the newest addition to Facebook insights and covers your calls to action through a Total Actions on Page measurement seen below. This allows you to see how your call to action buttons are performing.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 3.54.42 PM


Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 3.47.23 PM

The post section helps you evaluate how to make effective post. There are three areas that cover the posts section:

  • When Your Fans Are Online – this shows the time of day that people who like your page are on Facebook and therefore more likely to see your content during those times.
  • Posts Type – allows you to see the different levels of performance your posts experience. Different posts with have a different reach and engagement this helps you identify those.
  • Top Posts from Pages You Watch – here you can see pages that you’ve chosen to monitor and how their posts are performing. It should help give an idea of what the competition or other businesses that excel in your industry are doing on Facebook to help grow their business.


In the video section you’ll find the data you need to analyze for how your videos are performing. There are three areas Facebook provides to help evaluate:

  • Video Views – this is the number of times that your video has been watched. For a video to be considered watched the viewer must have seen a minimum of three seconds of the video.
  • 30-Second Views – this builds on the Video Views by showing how many people continue to see your videos for at least thirty seconds. For videos that are less than thirty seconds long, Facebook will count people who watched 97% of it as a 30-Second View.
  • Top videos – this tells you which of the videos on your page get the most views. Views in this case are the same as Video Views and are counted if the user sees a minimum of three seconds of video.


The people section helps you understand the people you’re trying to reach and connect with on Facebook. Three areas cover this section:

  • Your Fans – this lets you see information about the people that like your page. Here you can evaluate how your doing with a particular gender, age group or location.
  • People Reached – here you can see how many people your page has reached the feeds of for the past twenty-eight days.
  • People Engaged – tells you he people have liked, commented, or shared posts over the last twenty-eight days.

Now that you know what Facebook Insights have to offer try to tailor the information that best suits your business needs. Facebook Insights provides you with a valuable look of not only what you’re doing right on social media but also what you’re doing wrong. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes but try to learn from them with the tools you have at your disposal.

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