How the Fashion Industry Benefits From Instagram

If you’re a marketer on the fashion industry, you better be on Instagram. Instagram is redefining the fashion industry and is essential for all marketers to stay on top of it. Through this platform, a story about your brand can be told. As fashion relies on visuals, Instagram and fashion make a perfect fit. Instagram’s Head of Fashion Partnership, Eva Chen, explained, “It democratizes fashion. There’s a greater connection to the customer now. Instagram enables brands to build a voice and speak more specifically to their audiences. Designers are not just thinking about the people at the shows.”


FashionGPS has identified four lessons Instagram has taught the fashion community around the world. Also, how brands can obtain leverage by using the tools Instagram provides its users with to increase a brand’s presence and achieve community growth.

Here are some reasons why you should be using Instagram to promote your brand in the fashion industry.

  1. Brand Identity: Instagram is the ideal place for a brand to reveal personality through storytelling. Culture, lifestyle, and products are all depicted through a brand’s Instagram profile.

Example: Burberry’s Instagram has put all effort in depicting what their brand stands for and the lifestyle that is heavily associated with the brand.


  1.  Community Engagement: Through Instagram. Brands can achieve a high degree of community engagement among their customers.

Example: Urban Outfitters created a custom hashtag, #UOonyou, that consumers use to post pictures of them wearing Urban Outfitters’ products. This creates a community and engages the customers with the brand while at the same time the brand gets free advertising.


  1. Behind the Scenes: Social media has made it possible for users to have a sneak peek at a brand’s next launch of a line.


  1. Monetizing Social: Through Instagram Ads, you can increase the traffic into your account. Carousel ads on Instagram are the best way to advertise through visuals.


If you’re a fashion marketer looking for ways to increase your presence on social media, Instagram is the most essential platform for you. Follow these tips in order to achieve your goals and drive traffic into your profile.
What brands have been doing a great job at this? How has Instagram personally helped your brand to increase sales? Let us know what you think and follow us on IG @hashtag4thegram.

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