The 4 best lookbooks of the year so far

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.20.16 PMAs we have previously emphasized, visual content is extremely important in the fashion industry. Lookbooks are a great way to display some of your best visual content while displaying your new fashion lines. This is also a great opportunity for a company to create owned content that can be shared across many different social media platforms. Depending on who is staring in the photo shoot, it is also a great opportunity to use social media influencers who will share your new hottest looks. Today we will look at 5 different lookbooks with exceptional visual content that will surely bring the viewer in.

A.P.C. and Simplicity


The A.P.C. 2016 S/S collection is displayed in a very simple, yet elegant way, in the A.P.C. lookbook on their website. There are no wild props in the photos or expensive gimmicks, just the model and the clothes set against a complimenting plain background. The model evokes personality through the garments in different striking poses. The lookbook really reflects the nature of the classic minimalistic brand. It is very important for your lookbook to have this connection of identity with your brand so, when it is shared across multiple social media platforms, it still has its own unique identity that will instantly be linked back to your brand. This owned content is so essential to performing well on social media platforms.

Gucci Goes Back in Time

With visual content evolving in the fashion industry more and more, fashion houses are really beginning to increase the amount of different types of visual content they will offer. Gucci changed it up this S/S 2016 collection by promoting the collection with the above video first rather than a more traditional lookbook. This also a great way to create some owned content to be shared around the different social media platforms, and will it will be easier to draw in consumers, as they just have to click play to watch. For a more traditional lookbook, consumers have to be linked to the website where they normally will scroll through different images. The video has a very unique 70’s vibe and is a visual masterpiece. The different dancing models and vibrant colors draw in your eyes to feast on the beautiful content they have created.

Louis Vuitton in Transition

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.08.07 PM

Louis Vuitton seems to still be improving on how it wants to present its 2016 S/S collection. They have made some minor upgrades to this year’s website page for their collection. You can now directly share one of their outfit looks to Facebook or Pinterest. Their previous collection still does not have this feature on their website. It is a great illustration of how big fashion houses are transitioning during this time of social media marketing. All the looks that were photographed for this web page were directly from the runway. A video of the runway show was also posted at the top of the page before you get to see some of the individual looks. This video also has a feature where you can share it directly to social media platforms, but offers the opportunity to share it to Twitter and Youtube as well as Facebook and Pinterest. Louis Vuitton has really picked up on this need to make their owned content easily shareable to reach as many viewers as possible.

Kenzo’s Fan Page

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 3.58.30 PM

For Kenzo’s 2016 S/S collection they created A LOT of content for their viewers to explore the collection in depth. The web page begins with the individual looks from the runway and the pictures can be viewed in a couple of different orientations. The two creative directors then give a brief introduction to the collection. There is then a video of the entire runway show with some notes below the video to give even further insight into the collection. This amount of content is really nice to see as you can build a deeper connection with the consumer with all this content and turn them into a fan. You may be able to directly share the individual looks from Louis Vuitton, but there is no way the consumer feels as connected to that collection as they would to Kenzo after going through all their content. Kenzo then goes on to post their 11 minute“>campaign video at the bottom, which is an abstract exploration of some of the feelings behind the collection.

4 Take Aways From This Visual Content

  • It is important that your lookbook is identifiable with your brand and incorporates the essence of your brand, like A.P.C. have done with their brand.
  • Do not be afraid to venture into different visual content mediums, like video, to use with or for your lookbook. Gucci created some very unique, shareable content to introduce their S/S 2016 collection.
  • Incorporate some new features in your lookbook to make it more easily shareable. Louis Vuitton is capitalizing on this and you should be too!
  • Create fans with your content. Spend sometime creating content around your collection to give your consumer more insight into the collection. The deeper the content created, the deeper the connection you can build with your consumer.

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