How to Measure Your Digital Presence

Do you know how to track your results on Instagram? If you don’t, then how will you know whether the tactics you’re using are working or not? How do you know what you should continue or stop doing?

There are several metrics available to measure the success you’re having on Instagram.

Aaron Lee, a well-known marketer, has identified 10 ways to monitor and measure your digital presence on Instagram on  his 10 Simple Ways to Measure Your Instagram Marketing Success.” These are the following:


Ways to Measure your Success on Instagram:

  1. Likes: This tool Instagram offers is the most basic one to measure the success of a campaign or a post. It is the most obvious metric since this determines how much your fans enjoyed the content you posted about. Additionally, it’s very simple to determine the number of likes a post received.
  2. Comments: Pay attention to the comments because they often include customer reviews, questions or potential customer service area. Try to keep track of the posts that receive most comments and continue to post more of that kind.
  3. Followers: Your Instagram followers should keep increasing all the time. On this platform, if you’re not growing, you’re doing something wrong. Measure how many followers you obtain per week to determine whether or not your campaign for that week was successful.
  4. Engagement: To measure the percentage of followers who engaged with a specific post- divide the number of likes and comments the post received by your follower count.
  5. Clicks: Track clicks using Google Analytics
  6. Mentions: Use hashtags to find out whether or not people are talking about your business on Instagram.
  7. Photos: Track which posts are driving the most traffic. There are several tools to help you determine this. One example is Iconsquare, which finds the top-performing images based on how many likes and comments the post has received.
  8. Times: Find the best times to post on Instagram.
  9. Followers: Analyze your followers and the content they are more attracted to. Interact with them to humanize your brand.
  10. Sales: Analyze whether or not your followers on Instagram generate sales and profit. Do they only engage with your? Or do they go to your webpage to purchase your products? One way to determine this is by creating a coupon, advertise the coupon through instagram and determine the number of coupons that get redeemed.


These 10 metrics are essential and the basis of determining the success of your Instagram account. Analyze these 10 metrics and then determine whether you need to change your campaign or continue doing it the way you have been doing it so far.


What other metrics do you recommend?Let us know what you think and follow us on IG @hashtag4thegram.

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