How the Fashion Industry Benefits From Instagram

If you’re a marketer on the fashion industry, you better be on Instagram. Instagram is redefining the fashion industry and is essential for all marketers to stay on top of it. Through this platform, a story about your brand can be told. As fashion relies on visuals, Instagram and fashion make a perfect fit. Instagram’s Head of Fashion Partnership, Eva Chen, explained, “It democratizes fashion. There’s a greater connection to the customer now. Instagram enables brands to build a voice and speak more specifically to their audiences. Designers are not just thinking about the people at the shows.”


FashionGPS has identified four lessons Instagram has taught the fashion community around the world. Also, how brands can obtain leverage by using the tools Instagram provides its users with to increase a brand’s presence and achieve community growth.

Here are some reasons why you should be using Instagram to promote your brand in the fashion industry.

  1. Brand Identity: Instagram is the ideal place for a brand to reveal personality through storytelling. Culture, lifestyle, and products are all depicted through a brand’s Instagram profile.

Example: Burberry’s Instagram has put all effort in depicting what their brand stands for and the lifestyle that is heavily associated with the brand.


  1.  Community Engagement: Through Instagram. Brands can achieve a high degree of community engagement among their customers.

Example: Urban Outfitters created a custom hashtag, #UOonyou, that consumers use to post pictures of them wearing Urban Outfitters’ products. This creates a community and engages the customers with the brand while at the same time the brand gets free advertising.


  1. Behind the Scenes: Social media has made it possible for users to have a sneak peek at a brand’s next launch of a line.


  1. Monetizing Social: Through Instagram Ads, you can increase the traffic into your account. Carousel ads on Instagram are the best way to advertise through visuals.


If you’re a fashion marketer looking for ways to increase your presence on social media, Instagram is the most essential platform for you. Follow these tips in order to achieve your goals and drive traffic into your profile.
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How to Measure Your Digital Presence

Do you know how to track your results on Instagram? If you don’t, then how will you know whether the tactics you’re using are working or not? How do you know what you should continue or stop doing?

There are several metrics available to measure the success you’re having on Instagram.

Aaron Lee, a well-known marketer, has identified 10 ways to monitor and measure your digital presence on Instagram on  his 10 Simple Ways to Measure Your Instagram Marketing Success.” These are the following:


Ways to Measure your Success on Instagram:

  1. Likes: This tool Instagram offers is the most basic one to measure the success of a campaign or a post. It is the most obvious metric since this determines how much your fans enjoyed the content you posted about. Additionally, it’s very simple to determine the number of likes a post received.
  2. Comments: Pay attention to the comments because they often include customer reviews, questions or potential customer service area. Try to keep track of the posts that receive most comments and continue to post more of that kind.
  3. Followers: Your Instagram followers should keep increasing all the time. On this platform, if you’re not growing, you’re doing something wrong. Measure how many followers you obtain per week to determine whether or not your campaign for that week was successful.
  4. Engagement: To measure the percentage of followers who engaged with a specific post- divide the number of likes and comments the post received by your follower count.
  5. Clicks: Track clicks using Google Analytics
  6. Mentions: Use hashtags to find out whether or not people are talking about your business on Instagram.
  7. Photos: Track which posts are driving the most traffic. There are several tools to help you determine this. One example is Iconsquare, which finds the top-performing images based on how many likes and comments the post has received.
  8. Times: Find the best times to post on Instagram.
  9. Followers: Analyze your followers and the content they are more attracted to. Interact with them to humanize your brand.
  10. Sales: Analyze whether or not your followers on Instagram generate sales and profit. Do they only engage with your? Or do they go to your webpage to purchase your products? One way to determine this is by creating a coupon, advertise the coupon through instagram and determine the number of coupons that get redeemed.


These 10 metrics are essential and the basis of determining the success of your Instagram account. Analyze these 10 metrics and then determine whether you need to change your campaign or continue doing it the way you have been doing it so far.


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A little less than a year ago, Instagram introduced a new feature in one of their updates, users will now be able to use emojis as hashtags. This feature allowed not only users, but marketers to increase their social media presence. Since then, the use of emoji hashtags have skyrocketed.

This update brings us one step closer to a society that does not have to use words to communicate. Additionally, marketers found this news particularly exciting because there would no longer be language barriers in advertising their brands through instagram. Consequently, making their audience larger and multi cultural.


Justin Lafferty identified the most popular emojis to use as hashtags. Using these will bring more traffic and engagement into your account and post.

Top Emoji Hashtags on Instagram

  1. The Heart
  2. The smiley face with hearts
  3. The kissy face with a heart
  4. The laughing face with tears of joy
  5. The happy/blushing face
  6. The happy face with sunglasses


Should I use emojis as hashtags?

Instagram’s hashtag ability is one of the best ways of getting your images seen by the right people, if used correctly. Ultimately, anything that enhances your image’s ability to be found is a benefit.


If #mood helps the search engine to filter and narrow down your search to images that have been uploaded with that hashtag, imagine hashtagging the actual mood with a specific emoji.

Natalia Angulo has recently described the benefits of using emoji hashtags as the following:

Benefits of Using Emoji Hashtags:

  1. “On Instagram, emoji are becoming a valid and near-universal method of expression in all languages,” wrote Thomas Dimson, a software engineer on the Instagram Data Team.
  2. May reveal why consumers feel a certain way toward brands
  3. Better tailor messages
  4. Can reach target audience easier


Although the ability to use #emojis is a great addition, it should never replace a hashtag represented with words. The perfect combination is one that has both, hashtag emojis and regular hashtags.

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How to Create a Killer Instagram Bio

It is very important to have an Instagram Bio that is attractive and gets updated constantly. It is one of the first things your customers and Instagram users notice when they go into your profile. After all, first impressions are very important. A good instagram Bio can serve as a tool to get more users to follow your account.


Your Instagram Bio is like the homepage of your website. It should leave customers wanting more and give them a reason to follow you. Not sure how to create a bio that will increase your presence on Instagram? No worries! Here are several tips to help create the perfect bio.


Key Elements of a Bio:

  1. Your Name: The name on the Instagram needs to be how your customers  know your business. Don’t use abbreviations or other versions of your name since this is the representation of your business and your brand.
  2. What You Do: This can be considered your “sales pitch.” Don’t make this part too formal, don’t be afraid to include emojis or humor. Try including a rhetorical question.
  3. Use keywords that will help users understand your company and what you have to offer. You can include a custom hashtag you are recognized for.
  4. Customize It: Don’t use the same bio you’ve used for other social media platforms, since Instagram serves other purposes and has a different audience than do all the other platforms.
  5. Space it Out: space out your content to make it more legible.
  6. Link: take advantage of the only clickable link you can post on instagram.


  1. Include a link: Instagram only allows one clickable link and this is in your bio. Make it relevant to your latest post and include a caption in your post that says something like: “Link in bio”
  2. Call To Action: let your followers know how to connect or engage with your business.
  3. Include Hashtags in your bio: choose hashtags that are relevant to your business and that will resonate with your followers.
  4. Stand Out.


Inspiring Examples:

  • NatGeo:


National Geographic definitely has a killer bio. It has a great quote as well as the link to their webpage to create engagement. Additionally, it gets their followers to follow  National Geographic’s photographers.






Go Pro states clearly what their product is. They include an URL in their bio that encourages their followers to submit their own videos. This creates engagement and a relationship between the brand and the customer.







BMW does a great job at letting their customers know which hashtags are tracked by the brand. They also include a link to their webpage to create customer engagement and follow-up.









Instagram’s atmosphere makes it the perfect place to show off your brand’s personality. Don’t be afraid to achieve this through your bio.


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How to Step Up Your Hashtag Game


Image via GramDominator

Hashtags are relatively new social media phenomenons that have been used to identify messages on a specific topic for emphasis.Although they are used in all of the social media platforms, each platform has specific guidelines that should be followed in order to get the most out of use of hashtags. Fortunately, at #doitforthegram, we can guide you through this as we are your Instagram gurus. This is the place where you will find everything you need to know about Instagram and the use of hashtags.


The Purpose of Hashtags

A hashtag serves two purposes, it makes your content viewable by anyone who has an interest in the topic you are posting about, even if they’re not on your network, and it makes it easier for other users to reach out to you.


Tip number 1

Use hashtags, in fact, use a lot of hashtags. Through hashtags, your content will be found. A research shows the optimal number of hashtags that should be used in an Instagram post is 11, which gives you 79.5% more interaction per 1k followers.


Tip number 2

Sometimes, people use spur-of-the-moment ideas as hashtags that will make your caption look creative and funny but you can’t expect much activity from them since no one is really following that hashtag. Tip number 2 is to use hashtags that are always trending on Instagram. That way, it will be more effective since those who are following the hashtags you have used, will Like and interact with you.


The Top Hashtags on Instagram:

Don’t worry if you don’t know which hashtags will step up your game, that’s what we’re here for.


  1. #love
  2. #instagood
  3. #me
  4. #tbt
  5. #cute
  6. #follow
  7. #followme
  8. #photooftheday
  9. #happy
  10. #tagforlikes
  11. #beautiful
  12. #girl
  13. #like
  14. #selfie
  15. #picoftheday
  16. #summer                         
  17. #fun                                              
  18. #smile
  19. friends                                     
  20. #like4like                       
  21. #instadaily
  22. #fashion                          
  23. #igers                              
  24. #instalike
  25. #food


Common Mistakes When Using Hashtags:

A common mistake I’ve often seen when people use hashtags is #TheyStringTooManyWordsTogether. Try to avoid this at all costs because that is probably a hashtag that is not trending and you won’t be found through it. Another mistake is #Tagging #Every #Word #Seperately. Other than the fact that it looks messy, it won’t get you any traffic either. Additionally, always avoid jumping into a trend without relating your post to it. The hashtags you use should always be relevant to your post. Remember it is completely fine to incorporate some humor into your hashtags as long as it’s relevant to your post and don’t be afraid to use as many hashtags as you want!


The Future of Hashtags

Hashtags will continue to be the tool that drives social media and connects users on trending topics. In her article, Will Hashtags Take Over the Internet?, Jennifer Wolfe wrote, “We use hashtags now to make sense of our digital world and help us find topics or associate with the latest trends in our social spheres.” It is safe to say it will soon become a social media search language of its own, one through which we will not only communicate trending topics but maybe even take over the internet as well.


Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon definitely need to step up their hashtag game, watch this hilarious video to learn why:
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Sponsored Ads

Instagram-adsHave you ever been scrolling down your Instagram feed and notice a post from an account you thought you were not following? Let me tell you, you’re not losing your mind, these sponsored ads appear every once in awhile as a way for companies to advertise their products, services, or announce an upcoming event to a specific target market. Instagram created this tool not only for large companies but also for individuals. To run ads on Instagram, all you need is an active Facebook page. Ever since this feature was launched, marketers have been ecstatic. Constantly coming up with new ways in which the sponsored ads can enhance personal and businesses’ Instagram accounts with measurable outcomes.

        In order to determine whether an ad will be effective or not, advertisers may want to know, “who will be seeing my ad,” “how does Instagram decide who will be seeing my ad?” Technology sure has a way to bring together all your likes and interests from different sources. Instagram wants to show its users ads that will appeal to each individual. To achieve this successfully, Instagram uses information from your Instagram account activity and Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) as well as information gathered from other apps you have and use on a regular basis. These things combined help Instagram narrow down the target for the sponsored ads companies will be posting. For example, Ivy Green may see a sponsored ad on her Instagram feed based on the people she follows, pictures she likes and accounts she follows on Instagram; her information on Facebook as well as her interests and several website apps Ivy has visited before.

The TV and fashion industry are capitalizing on Instagram’s sponsored ads by respectively, promoting new movies and TV shows and introducing the new collections brands will be releasing.  Everyone can and should take advantage of this tool in order to attract more customers and create a relationship with them.

This relatively new and low cost feature has enabled companies to have a broader reach and allow them to engage with their customers. Advertising through Instagram is measurable, which makes it even more appealing for companies to join.

       Fact: According to Elizabeth Dean from WordStream, Instagram has 400 million active monthly users, who post 80 million photos and like 3.5 billion photos on a daily basis. Instagram is an extremely fast growing social platform that has opened its doors to the advertising industry by allowing ads to be sponsored. A case study that was posted on Instagram’s website claims that sponsored ads posted on this social platform result in a “2.8x higher ad recall than other online advertising.”

 Michael Kors was the first brand to advertise on Instagram and this was their post:



This post by Ben&Jerry’s won the top spot for the best sponsored ad on Instagram. The ice cream is placed exactly in the middle where the Instagram heart appears when a user likes the photo.



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Michael Kors:

Ben & Jerry’s: