What to Post on Facebook

Once you have your small business’ Facebook page up and running, its important to start thinking about what you should post to that page. You can post a variety of different things to your Facebook page, whether it be links, pictures, video, or just text, there are certain post you can do that will help optimize engagement.

Reaction Based Voting

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.03.33 PM

One of the most popular methods of engagement on Facebook is encouraging people to simply engage by asking them to support one of two choices by liking or sharing. Now with Facebook’s new reactions you could post two choices and say to Like or Love whichever one people prefer. You could even go a step further and offer 6 choices and assign a choice to each reaction. It’s a simple method of engagement that will spread your small business’ presence. Since Facebook doesn’t yet let pages post a poll this could be used to gauge what people like about your business. For example maybe a local ice cream shop post could ask what your favorite flavor is and say if it’s Vanilla react with the “Haha” reaction.

Fan Generated Content

Another method of posting and engaging with customers is by encouraging them to submit pictures of them with your brand and using the content they generated for post. This helps them feel appreciated as well as showing everyone else that you have real customers that are interested in your product. You could take it a step further and incentivize participation with a small discount or another prize of some kind.

Great Pictures

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.06.37 PM

If the small business you run centers around food or something that can be very photogenic like puppies, use it to your advantage. The picture above is from a small pastry shop and was posted to promote them on Valentine’s Day. People love to look at food, puppies, flowers, etc. so why not share some pictures of it. Better yet even if your business has nothing to do with puppies you can still find a way to work them into a creative post that promotes your brand. It also never hurts to have a variety of pictures of your products so that customers know what you have before they visit your business.

Creative Videos

One of the most effective methods of engaging with customers is creating a video for your page. It could be as simple as a tutorial of how to do something, or a cute and funny video promoting your brand. Videos are very impactful and a good video could be shared many times over. Sometimes the simplest things go viral, and for a small business you don’t need anything that will be seen by millions of people (though that may be nice!) you need something that gets seen by maybe a few hundred people or a thousand depending on your business.

Curate Content

One last thing of content to post on your Facebook page is content you curate from other sources. Share interesting articles that relate to your business, is a great way to do this. You can pass interesting information about the industry on to your customers and fans of your page. Curating content could even be noticing a post by a fan of the page and giving them a shoutout by sharing it.

If you’re looking for more insight into what a small business can post on their page check out some of these:

In this post by Wishpond, there are some examples of good Facebook post with some critique on how they could be improved even more.

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