The Present & Future of Google Algorithms

Google is constantly revising and improving its algorithms in order to keep the search engine experience as efficient and authentic as possible. Here are some of the most recent improvements as well as what changes we can expect in the future:

Mobile-Optimization over Desktop

Mobile platforms are gaining a significant presence over traditional desktop search engines. Whether through mobile devices or mobile apps, people are searching for answers at their fingertips. Last year, mobile searches surpassed desktop searches and the new Google algorithm Mobilegeddon focused more on mobile accessibility. This provided more optimal search results. 70% of mobile searches lead to online action, so it is important not only for SEO but also for your business. While some say that desktop-specific sites are no longer necessary, you should still primarily focus on a template that is easy for visitors to use while also recognizable from all platforms. User experience is essential.

Considering 89% of mobile time is on apps, Google is beginning to pay more attention to them. When you include important keywords in your app it makes your business more searchable and easier to access. This trend is only going to grow, so it is essential for small business owners to stay on top of their SEO and optimize their mobile experience. Again, aim to optimize the user’s experience over the search engine results. Lines are beginning to blur between what is web and what is social media. Don’t fret – this just provides more opportunities to improve SEO.

Social over Factual

Social media is also increasing its presence within search feeds. Now, when searching a certain business, social media posts will be indexed in results. This allows the customer’s experience to improve your SEO but doesn’t discredit actual content from your website. All this means is that you need to connect your content to your social media platforms in order to create a more cohesive brand. Creating quality content for your site as well as your social media platforms is only going to increase your search engine presence and overall visitor satisfaction.

Aggregated Content over News

Twitter is always changing it’s algorithm, which consequently changes the way search engines work to aggregate live coverage and events. Content aggregating can be tricky, but it can also provide more specific results for target visitors. Twitter offers “Moments”, which explain an event through third-party coverage and opinions as opposed to typical news and media coverage. It is advised that you create or curate content, not aggregate, however, this trend is most likely going to affect Google’s algorithm in the future. Be prepared and open to change.

Video over Text in B2C Content

Video will continue to be important in Business-To-Consumer Content. While written content is the standard, video apps like Vine, Snapchat, and Periscope are revolutionizing the way we consume visual content. Google ranks video content as 50x better than plain text content, a number that will only grow in the future. Consumers want to watch exciting videos on their feeds that allow them to connect with your social media content. While searching, they want specific, exciting examples that visually share what your business has to offer. Proper keywords and tags will promote your video content in Google, but also keep in mind that quality content is still most important.


While the many Google algorithm updates like Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Payday, and Pirate may sound like a weird zoo, don’t let them intimidate you. As always, never try to manipulate the algorithms. It is important to remain on top of the latest trends. Be sure to create the best website and content possible for your visitors. Remember, the goal is to optimize their experience. Google is constantly searching for ways to help determine what searchers really want.
What Google algorithm updates would you like to see in the future?

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