3 Brands With Successful Youtube Channels

The Internet has changed the way consumers decide what to buy. This phenomenon is known as the Zero Moment of Truth or ZMOT, which happens once a consumer is exposed to a brand message but before a purchase is made. This is the moment when a consumer goes online to learn more about a product and begins to form their decision based on their research.

As a small business owner, it is important to provide consumers with relevant and beneficial content when they need it most. According to Invodo, consumers who view video content are 1.7x more likely to make a purchase than non-viewers. Offering useful information about your brand or product during consumers Zero Moment of Truth should be a top priority for every business. Fortunately, YouTube is an ideal platform to deliver this information since it has over a billion users.

Here are a few examples of brands that have effectively used YouTube to reach consumers in relevant and beneficial ways.

  1. The Home Depot

The Home Depot is a great example within their brand category because they share content that is relevant to their viewers. One way Home Depot offers consumers value is by sharing educational and how-to videos about their products. This strategy goes a long way because it establishes the brand as a credible resource for home repairs and renovations, while promoting their products and tools. These online tutorials also help humanize the brand, making viewers feel they are capable of taking on almost any home repair or renovation project by offering knowledge and money saving tips!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.06.07 PM

  1. Target Corporation

As a big brand, Target has brilliantly divided their YouTube channel into different categories. This way the company can reach different audiences based on their needs or interests. As seen in the image below beauty, style and healthy living are some of the categories featured on Target’s YouTube channel. This strategy is effective because it caters to several audiences instead of one general audience. In addition, this helps improve user experience so visitors can find the information they need with ease.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.24.21 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.24.28 PM

  1. Blendtec

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.59.13 PM

As a manufacturer of high-quality kitchen blenders, Blendtec found a creative way to effectively market their brand. In 2007, the brand became well known for their “Will it Blend?” campaign. The objective of this campaign was to demonstrate the power of their blenders by blending unusual items such as iPhone’s or Bic lighters. Their very first video received over 5 million views within 30 days. Today these videos still drive most of the brand’s marketing and have even made the CEO the face of the campaign.

The key takeaway for any small business using YouTube is to:

  • Create relevant content that is useful for your followers.
  • Demonstrate how durable or unique your product is.
  • Create a positive user experience by organizing your YouTube channel by category.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post to learn about how to optimize your YouTube channel!

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