The Power of Visual Social Media Platforms. What’s better for you?


The social media is a new and upcoming form of advertising and marketing. There are various platforms of social media that are now being widely used in the business world as a marketing tool. They all seem to be relatively successful and ,more importantly, very promising for the future. However, it is important to note that people, nowadays, tent to shift from social media to visual social media. When we refer to  visual social media, we are talking about social media that are mainly focused on the visual content that is being shared. In other words, the images and videos that are being posted. This transition is  some of the best news for small business, as it gives companies the opportunity to be more efficient and direct in their marketing. “A picture is worth a thousand words”; an old English idiom that perfectly illustrates the reasoning of the above statement and this transition that we are experiencing today.

What is the best platform for you?social-media-networks-icons-ss-1920

There is big number of visual social media platforms in the market and each one of them has some unique characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

At the beginning, we all have the same question and that is” which social platform is the right one for my brand?”.  Well, most of the people would say that any brand can be successful with any kind of platform, as long as it is being used correctly.

My opinion is that the only person who knows the answer to that question is YOUR SELF. Yet, don’t panic,  we are here to provide you with the necessary information and guidance, so that you can make a rational decision. The list below contains some of the characteristics that you need to identify for your company in order to help you detect which platform suits your brand the best.

More specifically, you need to identify the demographics of your target group and compare and contrast them with the demographics of the platforms that you are interest in.

One Compelling Example maxresdefault

In this section we will compare Facebook and Instagram with a goal to determine which platform matches better the characteristics of an imaginary company’s target group. There are only 3 steps that we need to follow in order to succeed in this procedure. The first one is to correctly identify OUR audience and target group, the second one is to compare it with the demographics of each of the platforms that we are targeting and the last one is to make the right connections and conclusions.

 Step 1

Let’s  say that the company sells men’s grooming products. Taking this into consideration, we realize that this company’s target group is mainly men of age 20 and older.

Step 2

By using the information from the graphs below, we recognize that Facebook’s audience matches better the characteristics of our company’s audience for the following two reasons:

  1. There is a much larger percentage of people of age 30 and older that use Facebook than Instagram.
  2. And more importantly, 66% of the men use Facebook, while only 22% of the male population uses Instagram

Step 3

In the last step, which is probably the hardest and most important one, we have to make the right conclusions and decisions. To do that, we have to look at every single detail regarding our target group and make sure that we are doing the right research. In other words, the fact the Facebook has, by far, the most users shouldn’t be a reason for us to choose Facebook for our platform. We are looking for more detailed and specific connections in our comparisons.



To sum up…

We realize that the social media is definitely the right spot for small businesses to market their brands in. Yet, furthermore, we detect that visual social media platforms are even better and more successful advertising platforms for businesses.  They hide a lot of potential and their future is very encouraging.

Moreover, we discussed about what’s the “best” social media platform for your brand and we came to the agreement that YOU are the right person to make this decision. I promise that if you follow the above formula carefully and also listen to your feelings, then you will be able to make the right decision.

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