What Marketers Can Learn from Beyonce’s Ivy Park Launch

If you’ve been on social media recently, you know that Queen Bey is back. While the entire internet is buzzing about her new visual album, the pop star also recently made another successful venture into the fashion world with her new ‘athleisure’ line Ivy Park. Sold in stores such as Topshop and Nordstrom, the line features chic and understated clothing that can be worn on and off the field. Sources say that Beyonce was instrumental in every aspect of developing the line, including it’s marketing efforts. And as usual, she slayed at it. Here are four takeaways for social media marketers looking to promote a new fashion line.

1 Leverage video

Beyonce released an edgy promotional video for the new line that immediately got fans and news outlets talking. She then continued to release 15 second clips until the release, building excitement and showing more and more of the brand. The video also did an excellent job of capturing the brand image and style, letting potential customers know what to expect from Ivy Park. Videos and visuals are the perfect way to introduce new fashion items and demonstrate the voice, look, and feel of your brand.

2. Use a recognizable name

The video and all promotional materials surrounding Ivy Park heavily featured Beyonce herself. As a style icon and role model to many women, having her name and image so closely linked to the brand gave it instant credibility. While you may not be able to get Beyonce as the face of your brand, using a well-known influencer can attract a wider audience to your brand and strengthen your brand image through association with an influencer who embodies those characteristics and values.

3. Build buzz early

Seven days to go. Arriving 14 April 2016 #IVYPARK

A photo posted by IVY PARK (@weareivypark) on Apr 7, 2016 at 2:17am PDT


Mashable noted that Ivy Park had already received unprecedented levels of engagement on Instagram much before the line was launched and even before fans had even seen any of the pieces. By releasing the video early and building a strong social media following, Ivy Park had people engaged with the brand before they had even bought from it. If you’re launching a new line or product, your marketing efforts should start long before the product hits shelves.

4. Build a launch website

The website for Ivy Park was also released months in advance and featured essential details about the brand and exclusive content. The website was also used to collect emails. While social media promotions are an essential to marketing your brand, it’s important to have your own channels for content as well. It allows you to develop leads through email collection, boosts your ranking in search engines, and drives traffic to your domain.

While successfully leveraged by Ivy Park, these four practices are not unique to the brand. They’re hallmarks of any good content marketing campaign. By applying these, you can create the same amount of excitement about your new product or line.

Title image via Elle

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