3 innovative social media campaigns

Social media platforms can be a great place to post your brands campaign, and the bolder and more interesting your campaign is, the better chance there is that it will be shared and liked by viewers. Successful campaigns can do wonders for increasing revenue and building brand relationships, so when starting a marketing campaign it is very important to be innovative and to show people the best that you have to offer.


Topshop and Google+

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.06.07 AM

In 2013 Topshop decided for its A/W collection that it would do a digital campaign in partnership with Google+ to give viewers an experience that they had never seen before. Not only were they going to live stream the runway show, but they also offered special camera views that gave you the same perspective the model had walking down the runway. All of the models that participated in the show also each had a Google+ account that could be followed, which had lots of behind the scenes content to show the viewer how some of the technical aspects of a show function. Topshop was really smart to do this as it shows they are very much so masters of technology that appeals to a younger crowd much like their products. This collaboration offered the opportunity for lots of sharing, Furthermore with all the participating models in the campaign they really broadened their outreach to different audiences who may have been following the different models for different reasons. Another unique feature this campaign had was that they were also posting the different articles of clothing displayed in the runway show, so that viewers could start creating their own outfits in real time and share them with there friends who also may be watching the show. Topshop really hit it out of the park with this campaign, and there is lots of inspiration to draw from it.


Valentino gets really really really ridiculously good looking

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.09.06 AM

Valentino paired up with Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller to kick off its 2016 A/W campaign. Zoolander 2 would be coming out in the next couple of months, and Valentino really seized the moment getting them on board to help them launch their new clothing line. The two actors featured in the runway show as the closing act and received a lot applaud while strutting their stuff. This video actually went viral shortly after, and received over a million views. Valentino then proceeded to put Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in there Rome storefront displayed as models to all passing by. As you can imagine it garnered huge crowds of people posted outside gazing in on the Hollywood A – listers. I think this was a great use of influencers in a marketing campaign that unveiled Valentino’s new clothing line. Owen and Ben, both have a large social media following that shared their wonderful mix of comedy and high fashion.


Burberry looking snappy


This year Burberry tried something new in unveiling their new 2016 A/W collection that appealed particularly to a younger audience. They let Snapchat in on the whole process. It started with bringing Mario Testino into photograph the 2016 lookbook for the collection, and as he did that he also photographed for Burberry’s Snapchat account. Burberry is not only using this great photographer as an influencer, but they are also giving him the keys to their Snapchat platform to drive traffic. Then they featured the entire runway show on Snapchat where people in attendance could post clips they shot while the show was happening. This being a fashion show meant there were going to be celebrities there, so by tuning into the Burberry’s Snapchat people also had the opportunity to check out content that their favorite stars were posting live at the event. Right now its hard for outsiders to see measurable indicators that show that people were active on Burberry’s Snapchat, but they have since comeback on Snapchat to launch there most recent marketing campaign for their new fragrance Mr. Burberry, which indicates Snapchat has been successful for them.


Some inspiration’s to draw from these campaigns

Don’t be afraid to be the first to enter social media platforms. No Fashion brand had really been on Google+ or Snapchat before, but I think these partnerships were very innovative and marketing oriented.


Be bold with your campaign. Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller looked ridiculous in Valentinos storefront windows, as well as on the runway. Comedy, however seemed to triumph in the end as it attracted huge crowds, and tons of online sharing and engagement.

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