6 Brands Winning on Instagram and What You Can Learn From Them

It’s where your customers go to post photos of their latest meal, their dog, their workout, their vacation, and of course their makeup! In the era of the #selfie, it goes without saying that beauty brands should be on Instagram. After all, it’s the perfect visual platform for makeup and cosmetics. While pretty much every major brand is there, there are a handful that have developed a strong presence and following in particular. Here are six beauty brands doing all the right things on Instagram and what your brand can learn from them!

1. Essie

Good social media marketing on any platform requires that you do more than just broadcast product information. The social aspect can’t be ignored. Essie does a wonderful job of engaging directly with their audience and making audience participation a key component of their Instagram game plan. They share photos of followers, encourage followers to use their hashtags, and hold contests for them as well.

2. Fresh

Fresh is a brand truly taking advantage of Instagram’s visual appeal. Their creative pictures and product shoots both fit and enhance their playful image. It’s important to maintain your brand “voice” even through your visuals. If your brand is fun and light, serious black and white Instagrams will feel forced and unnatural. Strong visuals also boost engagement among your target audience.

3. Tarte

Yup. 😕 #LOL #ugh #comeonfriday #repost from @betches

A photo posted by Tarte Cosmetics (@tartecosmetics) on Mar 16, 2016 at 4:51pm PDT

Tarte isn’t afraid to be funny and even a little tart! While selfies and outfits of the day are a big part of Instagram, it’s also where your audience goes for hilarious memes. Don’t be afraid to inject humor into your Instagram posts or even post non beauty related pics that your audience will be able to relate to.


❤️🐰❤️ #fightinganimaltesting

A photo posted by Lush Cosmetics (@lushcosmetics) on Mar 2, 2016 at 8:20pm PST

Stopping animal cruelty is an important part of LUSH’s mission and they make that clear on their Instagram page. The platform can be a great way to share more information about your brand’s values and social initiatives. Do an annual charity event? Share candid pics and throwbacks to previous years events. Instagram allows you to use photos to give consumers a behind the scenes look at the people and values behind the brand.

5. Lancome

Live a little out of the ordinary. #Lancome #LaVieEstBelle #Happiness #ThinkPink #PinkStateOfMind #Fragrance #QuoteOfTheDay

A photo posted by Lancôme Official (@lancomeofficial) on Mar 14, 2016 at 11:53am PDT

Just like there’s no such thing as having too much makeup, you can’t have too many hashtags on Instagram. They allow more eyes to get on your post when users search popular hashtags and the platform allows you to use up to 30. Lancome is no stranger to this and use a variety of trending and funny hashtags.

6. Urban Decay

Our Summer collection is here! Get an inside look at what went down during our summer photo shoot. #UDGetaway #UrbanDecay

A video posted by Urban Decay Cosmetics (@urbandecaycosmetics) on Mar 25, 2016 at 7:28am PDT

Instagram isn’t just a side activity for this major brand. It’s a crucial component of their entire marketing and communications strategy. In fact, they even announce new products entirely through social media. The lesson here? Don’t be afraid to give Instagram and social media as a whole a big role in your marketing campaigns. It’s where your audience lives and it can be worth the investment to integrate it fully into your strategy.

These are just a handful of brands with amazing Instagram presences and just a few of the things you can do to make your account shine. What all these brands have in common is that their Instagram is true to their brand image and offers something of value to their audience. Every brand and audience is different and it’s important to find what works for yours, but following these tips will give you a great starting point!

Image via Influenster

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