Is Blogging outdated? Well, that’ s a question that has created a lot of controversy and many dilemmas in the marketing world. While it might be  true that blogging is an old and not as “cool” tactic, I believe that it possess some unique advantages; and these advantages are what make this form of content marketing essential for both B2B and B2C marketers.

The Benefits/ Advantages of Blogging

As I mentioned above, I believe that blogging is necessary for businesses and especially for small businesses.  The benefits are numerous, however, the following five are the ones that initiate the greatest productivity and bring better results in terms of sales, leads and search visibility.

  1.  It helps drive traffic to your website.                                                                       Why? Because every time that someone from your business shares a blog post, it creates more indexed pages on your website and as a result your business shows up in more search engines–> more traffic. Furthermore, you automatically become available/ noticeable in other social media platforms. If your audience likes and finds your post informative and helpful, he will share it on other social media platforms( Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) and thus, you will be seen by a new audience.
  2. It helps convert that traffic into leads.                                                                    Now you have the new audience and you have generated more traffic. It’s on your hand to translate this traffic into leads. Of course, do not expect 100% of the visitors to becomes leads; it’s impossible. If you manage to turn just 5% into leads that is something to be happy for. But, in order to do that, you need to include “call to action” buttons for people to share their information. The following video, will help you get a better understanding of how “call to action” buttons work and actually how to create one on your website.
  3. It helps establish authority.                                                                                          You want to show your clients and your new audience the expertise you have on your field? Blogging is the way to go! A blog provides you with the necessary size and format to share your feedback and valuable information regarding issues and topics of your industry. While you are sharing reliable content and building on your professional image, at the same time your audience becomes more familiar with your company. Eventually, this will result to  great trust and authority between you and your clients, which will naturally be followed by the next benefit…
  4. Long Tail Effect.                                                                                           blogging_compounding_returns-1-1  The next very important and unique benefit of blogging is what we call the “long tail effect”. What do we mean? Well, when we refer to a “long tail effect” is when an action that we took in the past is able to effect the present and the future in a positive and steady way. More specifically, lets imagine that this post that you are reading right now  hasn’t really created any significant traffic as of today, but in two months from now will contribute for 30% of the total traffic on my site and most probably this traffic will later translate into leads.
  5. It humanizes your brand.                                                                                               Humanizing your brand means creating emotional connections with your customers and initiating dialogue with them that gives you valuable feedback and information that helps you meet their needs and concerns. And all the following will lead to increase in sales and customer satisfaction. Blogging is one very efficient and easy tactic to humanize your brand. Why? Because, it gives your readers the opportunity to see that you are current, informed and educated, which builds trust and credibility.

To Sum up…

It’s logical for all of us to be hesitant about whether blogging is an outdated marketing tactic or not. However, as you saw there are a handful of benefits and advantages that blogging can bring to your company. It is an option that can only bring positive results to you and your brand. So, stop worrying and start blogging!!!


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