Looking at Aesthetics on Instagram

Fashion houses are not known for there diligence on social media. Therefore when a marketer finds themselves scrolling through the social media pages of a famous house like, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada they can normally point out 10 things they would change right off the bat. Fashion houses normally do not post any curated content, nor do they try and bother with hitting a special number of hashtags per post, or even how often they should post. While I am not at all advocating that you should follow in their steps I think there is a ton to be learned about the visual content posted on their social media sites, particularly on Instagram. These Fashion houses specialize in creating art, and on their different Instagram accounts you can see just how artistic their visuals are.


Acne Studios the Aesthetic Champion

I could spend hours scrolling through Acne Studios Instagram because it is so visually enticing. Acne Studios only post their owned content, but a lot of that content is posted exclusively to Instagram and cannot be found anywhere on there own site. The posted video above has so much attention to detail. The music is very progressive with classical notes that seem to compliment the very avant garde fashion in a very classic iconic hotel setting with new contemporary vibes. Scrolling through is incredible to see how the photos go so well with each other and seamlessly transition from photo to photo. They used this donkey as their model for new handbags, which really provokes a lot of thought into the abstract, and the traditional use of handbags. The artistic direction here is unparalleled and may not appeal to everyone, but it definitely creates a fan base that is extremely attentive.


Maison Margiela and Technicalities

Margiela is also an aesthetic king of fashion, however on their Instagram they focus more on the nuanced aspects of their garments. For example in this picture that announces there new clothing line to only get to see some streaks of color on a strip of fabric. This allows you to see some of beauty behind their work before you even see it translated into a wearable piece of clothing. They also have quite a few videos like this one showing the care taken in creating their garments. The emphasis on craftsmanship shows their impeccable skill and following in similar footsteps can give your brand added credibility, and will gain you fans. People who appreciate clothes like to see the care and craftsmanship of how they were made, it makes the clothes you own from them even more unique.


Stone Island Aestheticism on a Budget

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 8.49.56 AM

Stone Island is a smaller brand that really doesn’t have a budget to compare to other high fashion brands. Therefore they have a problem, they have to create content that looks just as good as their competitors, but without money to spend on locations, photographers, and props. The result, a very clean-cut minimalist Instagram that does not lack in good aesthetics. The all white backdrop is very clean and highlights their unique clothes that all have somewhat of a color pop to them. The content flows altogether extremely well, and it is easy to get lost in it before you realize what you’re doing. I think Stone Island did an excellent job in creating an extremely visually pleasing Instagram. It looks to be cost efficient all while competing with top fashion houses.


3 takeaways

Reach out passed your normal crowd with your artistic direction. The attention to detail and creative thought behind Acne Studios Instagram reaches well beyond their normal fashion fan base.

Show off your expertise and craftsmanship. Letting people in on some of your technical skilled processes increases your credibility and builds a deeper fan base.

Focusing on the aesthetics of your blog does not have to come at a hefty price. You do not need expensive photoshoots and designers to create a very visually pleasing Instagram. Following simple themes and backdrops can do wonders for the look of your blog.




3 innovative social media campaigns

Social media platforms can be a great place to post your brands campaign, and the bolder and more interesting your campaign is, the better chance there is that it will be shared and liked by viewers. Successful campaigns can do wonders for increasing revenue and building brand relationships, so when starting a marketing campaign it is very important to be innovative and to show people the best that you have to offer.


Topshop and Google+

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.06.07 AM

In 2013 Topshop decided for its A/W collection that it would do a digital campaign in partnership with Google+ to give viewers an experience that they had never seen before. Not only were they going to live stream the runway show, but they also offered special camera views that gave you the same perspective the model had walking down the runway. All of the models that participated in the show also each had a Google+ account that could be followed, which had lots of behind the scenes content to show the viewer how some of the technical aspects of a show function. Topshop was really smart to do this as it shows they are very much so masters of technology that appeals to a younger crowd much like their products. This collaboration offered the opportunity for lots of sharing, Furthermore with all the participating models in the campaign they really broadened their outreach to different audiences who may have been following the different models for different reasons. Another unique feature this campaign had was that they were also posting the different articles of clothing displayed in the runway show, so that viewers could start creating their own outfits in real time and share them with there friends who also may be watching the show. Topshop really hit it out of the park with this campaign, and there is lots of inspiration to draw from it.


Valentino gets really really really ridiculously good looking

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.09.06 AM

Valentino paired up with Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller to kick off its 2016 A/W campaign. Zoolander 2 would be coming out in the next couple of months, and Valentino really seized the moment getting them on board to help them launch their new clothing line. The two actors featured in the runway show as the closing act and received a lot applaud while strutting their stuff. This video actually went viral shortly after, and received over a million views. Valentino then proceeded to put Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in there Rome storefront displayed as models to all passing by. As you can imagine it garnered huge crowds of people posted outside gazing in on the Hollywood A – listers. I think this was a great use of influencers in a marketing campaign that unveiled Valentino’s new clothing line. Owen and Ben, both have a large social media following that shared their wonderful mix of comedy and high fashion.


Burberry looking snappy


This year Burberry tried something new in unveiling their new 2016 A/W collection that appealed particularly to a younger audience. They let Snapchat in on the whole process. It started with bringing Mario Testino into photograph the 2016 lookbook for the collection, and as he did that he also photographed for Burberry’s Snapchat account. Burberry is not only using this great photographer as an influencer, but they are also giving him the keys to their Snapchat platform to drive traffic. Then they featured the entire runway show on Snapchat where people in attendance could post clips they shot while the show was happening. This being a fashion show meant there were going to be celebrities there, so by tuning into the Burberry’s Snapchat people also had the opportunity to check out content that their favorite stars were posting live at the event. Right now its hard for outsiders to see measurable indicators that show that people were active on Burberry’s Snapchat, but they have since comeback on Snapchat to launch there most recent marketing campaign for their new fragrance Mr. Burberry, which indicates Snapchat has been successful for them.


Some inspiration’s to draw from these campaigns

Don’t be afraid to be the first to enter social media platforms. No Fashion brand had really been on Google+ or Snapchat before, but I think these partnerships were very innovative and marketing oriented.


Be bold with your campaign. Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller looked ridiculous in Valentinos storefront windows, as well as on the runway. Comedy, however seemed to triumph in the end as it attracted huge crowds, and tons of online sharing and engagement.

Archiving for the future

Archives have become increasingly important in the fashion world, and many companies are digging up their old wardrobes for different purposes. I selected a few different examples to show how archiving can be a great way for your social media marketing.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 9.30.32 AM

Alexa Chung Digging Through The Archives for M&S

M&S came out with a new (or old) fashion line that was curated from their archives by Alexa Chung. I previously did an article on Alexa Chung’s work at Vogue, which really highlights why her talents would be particularly exceptional for this job. M&S did a ton of promotion for this special campaign, and created a lot of exceptional content. Looking at the page for this special campaign we see lots of visuals and small video clips tied into this vintage theme of the archives. Alexa also features in a //rhino.adjustyourset.tv/lightbox/embed.js

“>short video explaining a bit about her work that draws you in with her fun quirky personality. Using her for this collection was a brilliant idea, because not only were they able to apprehend someone who is very fashionable, but she has a huge fan base on Instagram and Twitter that all of this content was shared with as the project was coming together. As you scroll further down there are also a couple vintage clips of old M&S advertisements to really bring back the feel of the time when the clothes were created. Hats off to M&S for choosing a great influencer, and leveraging the past to push themselves into the future in this successful campaign.


A Private Tour With Carlo Rivetti

Stone Island is notorious for being an extremely unique technical fabric brand that does everything in house. Rivetti takes great pride in the fact that he can control the entire manufacturing process in his warehouse, and for the first time last year he opened the doors to his vast archives as well as some of his very special dying processes. Stone Island is known for its exquisite colors so the brand capitalized on creating some great content by allowing Highsnobeity to take a tour. Highsnobeity has a massive following in the menswear world and with collaborations between Stone Island and streetwear brand Supreme to debut soon this was a perfect way to get everyone hyped up about the coming release. The video really is an ode to all who love some of the technical aspects of fashion. Anyone trying to get a further look into this process can watch part 2 of this series here.


A.P.C. Journal

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 9.49.56 AM

Another great way to utilize the archives can be as simple as creating content for your company’s blog. The A.P.C. Journal is a blog headed by the company that publishes most of the companies owned content. The blog features many different posts from the current collection as well as excerpts on different pieces from the creative director, Jean Touitou. One of their weekly blog posts is From Our Vault and will display an item from their archives. This is a great way to draw lineage between what the brand is doing and what the brand has done showing how they have evolved overtime, but the essence and quality has remained the same. It seemingly gives your brand a bit more credibility to show you can reference pieces from different times, even if the collection was only two years ago.

Why Do We Like Archiving Again?

It is a great way to bring an influencer in to take a dig through and create some content around.

Show off a bit. Your brand is great and you take pride in it, so go ahead and show off some of your unique techniques and the process behind creating your products. It’s a great way to make fans and bring people in.

Blog about it. Even if your company hasn’t been around for countless years bringing back some of your old pieces can show your credibility, and earn you respect. It is also a great way to just pump out more content on a weekly basis to try and reach more people.






The 4 best lookbooks of the year so far

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.20.16 PMAs we have previously emphasized, visual content is extremely important in the fashion industry. Lookbooks are a great way to display some of your best visual content while displaying your new fashion lines. This is also a great opportunity for a company to create owned content that can be shared across many different social media platforms. Depending on who is staring in the photo shoot, it is also a great opportunity to use social media influencers who will share your new hottest looks. Today we will look at 5 different lookbooks with exceptional visual content that will surely bring the viewer in.

A.P.C. and Simplicity


The A.P.C. 2016 S/S collection is displayed in a very simple, yet elegant way, in the A.P.C. lookbook on their website. There are no wild props in the photos or expensive gimmicks, just the model and the clothes set against a complimenting plain background. The model evokes personality through the garments in different striking poses. The lookbook really reflects the nature of the classic minimalistic brand. It is very important for your lookbook to have this connection of identity with your brand so, when it is shared across multiple social media platforms, it still has its own unique identity that will instantly be linked back to your brand. This owned content is so essential to performing well on social media platforms.

Gucci Goes Back in Time

With visual content evolving in the fashion industry more and more, fashion houses are really beginning to increase the amount of different types of visual content they will offer. Gucci changed it up this S/S 2016 collection by promoting the collection with the above video first rather than a more traditional lookbook. This also a great way to create some owned content to be shared around the different social media platforms, and will it will be easier to draw in consumers, as they just have to click play to watch. For a more traditional lookbook, consumers have to be linked to the website where they normally will scroll through different images. The video has a very unique 70’s vibe and is a visual masterpiece. The different dancing models and vibrant colors draw in your eyes to feast on the beautiful content they have created.

Louis Vuitton in Transition

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.08.07 PM

Louis Vuitton seems to still be improving on how it wants to present its 2016 S/S collection. They have made some minor upgrades to this year’s website page for their collection. You can now directly share one of their outfit looks to Facebook or Pinterest. Their previous collection still does not have this feature on their website. It is a great illustration of how big fashion houses are transitioning during this time of social media marketing. All the looks that were photographed for this web page were directly from the runway. A video of the runway show was also posted at the top of the page before you get to see some of the individual looks. This video also has a feature where you can share it directly to social media platforms, but offers the opportunity to share it to Twitter and Youtube as well as Facebook and Pinterest. Louis Vuitton has really picked up on this need to make their owned content easily shareable to reach as many viewers as possible.

Kenzo’s Fan Page

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 3.58.30 PM

For Kenzo’s 2016 S/S collection they created A LOT of content for their viewers to explore the collection in depth. The web page begins with the individual looks from the runway and the pictures can be viewed in a couple of different orientations. The two creative directors then give a brief introduction to the collection. There is then a video of the entire runway show with some notes below the video to give even further insight into the collection. This amount of content is really nice to see as you can build a deeper connection with the consumer with all this content and turn them into a fan. You may be able to directly share the individual looks from Louis Vuitton, but there is no way the consumer feels as connected to that collection as they would to Kenzo after going through all their content. Kenzo then goes on to post their 11 minute

http://player.freecaster.com/embed/dj0xMDc2MTMxJmM9MTAwOTE4NA.js?width=640&height=360“>campaign video at the bottom, which is an abstract exploration of some of the feelings behind the collection.

4 Take Aways From This Visual Content

  • It is important that your lookbook is identifiable with your brand and incorporates the essence of your brand, like A.P.C. have done with their brand.
  • Do not be afraid to venture into different visual content mediums, like video, to use with or for your lookbook. Gucci created some very unique, shareable content to introduce their S/S 2016 collection.
  • Incorporate some new features in your lookbook to make it more easily shareable. Louis Vuitton is capitalizing on this and you should be too!
  • Create fans with your content. Spend sometime creating content around your collection to give your consumer more insight into the collection. The deeper the content created, the deeper the connection you can build with your consumer.