Two words for your social media marketing team: Consumer Engagement

So you’ve got all these followers across your social media sites but now what?

Finding a way to interact with your followers on social media is a difficult task that many brands have trouble with, especially if they are a larger company. One of the easiest solutions is to simply respond to comments they leave or to answer questions they have posed. However, how do you get them to fully engage and go beyond a surface level conversation about your product or service? Promotions and Giveaways!

It’s a known fact that consumers love “free” stuff. Or even better,”free” stuff from the brands they already love

There are typically two types of promotions and giveaways that are posted, each with a different motive.

1. The first is aimed at a potential future customer, where you offer them some sort of discount or coupon code in return for a following or just by simply entering their email (side note: this is a great way for you, as the marketer, to get someone’s email address with little to no effort or cost)

Tobi, an online clothing site, does a great job of this. As soon as you enter their website, you are prompted with an interruptive type of advertising pop-up that offers you a discount if you enter your email. A similar pitch is also displayed on their various social media accounts. This tactic works well within the online fashion industry because new customers are sometimes hesitant to try brands they have not shopped at before, so offering some sort of markdown on the price entices buyers to purchase items.

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2. The second is geared towards people that have been customers in the past. The idea here is to further engage with them and promote the products or services that they are currently using. Some companies do this by running picture contests or video submissions, with the winner receiving some sort of prize.

ipsy offers personalized monthly make-up samples for $10 a month. Their Instagram account features monthly giveaways with the submission of a photo of a customer with certain criteria. By doing this, they are promoting engagement with the consumer that is already using their service. Customers are inclined to submit photos due to the extra make-up they could win, in addition to the products they are already receiving that month through their subscription.


The Big Five

It can often be hard to figure out where to begin when it comes to brainstorming and executing such promotions and giveaways, especially with the amount of social media content that is currently floating around. We believe it’s easiest to start with the Five W’s:

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Who – Who is your target audience

What – What do they have to do for said prize and what are they winning

Where – Where is this contest taking place, as in on what social platform

When – When are entries being accepted, accurate timeframe stated

Why – Why should someone participate, get inside the consumer’s mind (also why are you, as a company, doing this? What’s your motive?)

We all know what they say about people that assume things…

Jim Belosic, who happens to be the Co-Founder and CEO of a company called ShortStack, creates online marketing campaigns for a wide range of platforms. After reading several of his blog posts on and on his own site, we concluded that he knows what he is talking about.

In relation to today’s topic, he provides us with five common assumptions you don’t want to make when it comes to creating a successful contest on social media. Take a look at the post here, it definitely provides some helpful hints! In sum: don’t assume anything.

What does this mean for the Fashion and Beauty Industry?

With a highly competitive market such as F&B, “Sunday Best” is required 27/4/365. This means your social media accounts as well. Due to a rapidly turnover rate, something you posted on twitter three hours ago is already irrelevant. You can read more data on this subject here, thanks to Pamela Vaughan’s blog.

The giveaway items should to be products that the typical consumer cannot buy at their local retail or drug store. That would kind of defeat the point. You want these giveaways to be hot commodities or things that have not even been released yet!

Also, you want the consumer to be creative and have to put effort into their submissions. Amazing work has been reposted/retweeted/re-whatever the newest lingo is by brands and has launched the success of the promotion/giveaway to new heights.

Some of our favorite examples:

* J-Crew – Free shoes every month for an entire year

* Birchbox – $1,000 in Birchbox Points, personal product consultation with a Birchbox editor, and a lifetime subscription to Birchbox

* Fossil – Weekly delights and a $1500 shopping spree

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Our question to you (to leave in the comments of course)

What are some of your favorite prizes that you’ve won via social media promotions and/or giveaways?