Top Influencers on Instagram


Are you a brand that has an extremely visual product? Do you have a product that must be seen, in order to be appreciated and understood ? If yes, then Instagram is the best platform for you! More specifically, as marketers say: “Instagram is the best because a picture is worth 1000 words.”

If you are a brand that shares the above characteristics, that wants to get on Instagram to gain recognition and raise awareness, then you should stay on this page and read our blog.

We’ll give you some examples of the top influencers on Instagram and more importantly give insight on why they became some of the top influencers.

Soo…Who are they?

Before we actually mention some of the most influential people on Instagram, it’s important to note that different people have different perspectives and as a result, the top influncers may vary from person to person.

The criteria we used to help us choose our top 3 influencers are the following:

  1. The number of followers, in comparison to other influencers in their field and
  2. The level of engagement (number of likes, comments, tags) in comparison to other influencers.

Therefore our TOP 3 influencers are:

  1. Jay Alvarez

Jay Alvarrez is just a regular 22 year old boy, who works as a model and loves to travel the world with his girlfriend. However, besides being a model, Jay has become one of the most influential people on Instagram. As of right now, Jay has over 3.7 million followers and the engagement he receives from his followers is unique. As you can see from picture above, he got 368 thousand likes and 2.6 thousand comment. The numbers speak for themselves, yet it’s important to give him credit for the originality and quality of his content as well as for the creative captions he uses to describe his pictures. The above factors, the connection and trust he has created with his audience, over time, are the main reasons that have built his profile and expanded his audience.

2. Jamie Oliver 

Jamie Oliver is a British chef who lately became a media influencer; he started his career as a chef and restaurateur and he continued by hosting TV shows. Today he is one of the most influential figures in the field of food. He currently has 4.3 million followers and the engagement level, as you can see, is significantly high. Jamie managed to bring the audience and trust he had created with his experience and expertise from the restaurant business and translate it into followers with high level of engagement. He has a very targeted group of followers that trust him and everything he shares. The fact that his content is extremely personalized and specific is another factor that contributed to his popularity.

3. Dwayne Johnson-The Rock  

The Rock is a very unique icon and his story is very interesting. Namely, despite the fact that he has had a great career as an actor and as a WWE fighter, he gained most of his popularity after he established himself as a fitness figure. In his Instagram profile he has 50.5 million followers and as you can see from the picture above, the engagement in the content that he shares is extremely high. He is a great example of a successful influencer that managed to use his authority from the past to become the great influential figure he is now.

In conclusion…

One thing we know: if you have a product that needs to be visually shared to gain recognition and appreciation, then INSTAGRAM is the right platform for you!!!

Taking this into consideration, as well as the examples of the top influencers on Instagram, and the reasons that put them on the top of the list, your only job is to identify which influencer would be the best fit for your brand!

P.S. Some of our previous posts could aide you in the process of identifying your perfect fit!!

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Influencers-The New Celebrities


It seems like you guys are still a little hesitant about whether influencers or celebrities are a better tool to market your brand. So, we thought that we should use this post to analyze and clarify the reasons that an influencer would be the better deal for you! But before we get to the main point, it is important to note that over the past five years advertising and marketing  in general have transformed . The emergence of social media platforms and the popularity they have gained, initiated the new age of marketing we are in now. This advancement, however, has also provoked many little, but important, differences in marketing strategies.

The Transition of Marketing and The Emergence of Influencers  social-media-influencers-02

As we mentioned above marketing has changed; it has transitioned from interruption marketing to inbound marketing. In other words, instead of using your money to get Michael Jordan and Beyonce to promote your product you need to use your brains and the suitable people around you to do so. As we all know, the goal of interruption marketing is to “interrupt” you and grab your attention! The only way to do that than is by using the image of a celebrity. On the other hand, the goal of inbound marketing is to gain your trust with their content and expertise, and by using the influence of the “right” people. That being said, we can move on to the next step and analyze who are the right people for you!

So…Who Are The Right People? shutterstock_170194253

It’s true that social media influencers and celebrities share some common elements, yet one big difference. They both have large audiences but the difference lands within the reasons that these people follow them. Specifically, an influencer’s audience is there mainly because they trust him/her and want to know his/hers opinion on his/hers field of expertise. On the other hand, the audience of a celebrity follows them mostly because they admire their work on the field that made them famous. This leads us to the argument of trust. As we mentioned in one of our previous posts “How and Why to Use Influencers in Your Marketing Campaigns”, 85% of the consumers trust and buy according to what their friends and/or family members recommend to them. Social media influencers have some benefits that can “satisfy” the above statement. First of all, in contrast to celebrities who are distant and impersonal, influencers are considered to be regular people who are intimate and close to their audience. Furthermore, the fact that they are focused on one subject and they have developed noticeable expertise is a huge aspect that builds great trust between them and their audience. Last but not least, people tend to view the reports and promotes of influencers as authentic, targeted and unbiased whereas the ads with celebrities always are seen as “directed” and not original.


To Conclude…I will ask you a question, for which, YOU have to give the answer. I hope that our posts  have been helpful and that we provided you with the appropriate information so you can answer this question with confidence and certainty. ” Would you trust an influencer, who is an expert in the field and you trust, to buy a skateboard for example OR a celebrity, who you love but you know that he/she has being paid to advertise that and is not necessarily familiar in that field?”

Feel free to forward us your thoughts!!

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How and Why To Use Influencers In Your Marketing Campaigns


In this post we will try to define and illustrate the importance of using influencers in your marketing campaigns in order to guarantee success. But before we do that, let’s make sure we all share a common understanding regarding the general goals and objectives of marketing campaigns.

Some of the goals that marketing campaigns have, include but are not limited:

All of the goals and objectives, however, in marketing campaigns need to be “SMART” . In the marketing world, as you all know, “SMART”  stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-scaled objectives.

But, Why Do I Need an Influencer to Achieve these Goals?


Well, according to a report from Nielsen, a global information and measurement company, 83% of the consumers say that they trust the recommendations of their friends and family. This type pf advertising is also known as “earned media” and it sets the foundations for influencer marketing.

Influencers are people who are able to affect the purchase decision making of others due to the “authority”, knowledge and expertise they have established for themselves in a specific field. The following bullet points are some of the characteristics of influencers on social media and at the same time the reasons that you should use them in your marketing campaigns:

  1. They Are Trustworthy. They only use original content-their content and thus, people trust their information and thoughts.
  2. They Are a Thought Leader.  They are focused in one topic, with a specific audience that follows them and with which they interact on a regular basis.
  3. Their Words Have Impact.  Their knowledge and expertise have the power to affect people’s decision making.
  4. They Are Engaging. Engaging with their readers is a priority to them. Readers appreciate that and as a result, they expand their trust and love.
  5. They Go To Their Audience.  They use the the same platforms with their audience.  They make sure their voices are being “heard” by the people who they want to be heard from.

All of the features that we mentioned above will be more than valuable in your marketing campaigns. With the help of influencers, your “SMART” objectives and goals will be accomplished before you know it!!

How Am I Going to Use An Influencer?


Now that you understood why it’s important and helpful to use influencers for your marketing campaigns; we can move to the next step, and give you some tips on how to use these influencers.

  1. The first and most important tip we have to give you is: Find the right fit for you, your brand and most importantly your product!
  2. Secondly, use his audience!! a)Request from your influencer to write about your brand on his blog. b) Ask him/her to tweet for you once a week and c) ask your influencer to post once a week on Instagram and Facebook, content that promotes your company.
  3. Last but not least, become active in his/hers community. When your influencer is not posting for you, do it by yourself. Comment and share his content in order to make your brand visible  and recognizable.

Let’s Wrap it Up…


Marketing campaigns are essential for every business, big or small. Statistics show that word to word advertising is what people prefer and trust. Influencers are people with authority, who affect the decision making of consumers and certainly have their trust. As a result, influncers are the people you need in your marketing campaign to ensure positive results. Find the right person, take advantage of his audience and influence, and get ready to take your company to different levels!!

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Is Blogging outdated? Well, that’ s a question that has created a lot of controversy and many dilemmas in the marketing world. While it might be  true that blogging is an old and not as “cool” tactic, I believe that it possess some unique advantages; and these advantages are what make this form of content marketing essential for both B2B and B2C marketers.

The Benefits/ Advantages of Blogging

As I mentioned above, I believe that blogging is necessary for businesses and especially for small businesses.  The benefits are numerous, however, the following five are the ones that initiate the greatest productivity and bring better results in terms of sales, leads and search visibility.

  1.  It helps drive traffic to your website.                                                                       Why? Because every time that someone from your business shares a blog post, it creates more indexed pages on your website and as a result your business shows up in more search engines–> more traffic. Furthermore, you automatically become available/ noticeable in other social media platforms. If your audience likes and finds your post informative and helpful, he will share it on other social media platforms( Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) and thus, you will be seen by a new audience.
  2. It helps convert that traffic into leads.                                                                    Now you have the new audience and you have generated more traffic. It’s on your hand to translate this traffic into leads. Of course, do not expect 100% of the visitors to becomes leads; it’s impossible. If you manage to turn just 5% into leads that is something to be happy for. But, in order to do that, you need to include “call to action” buttons for people to share their information. The following video, will help you get a better understanding of how “call to action” buttons work and actually how to create one on your website.
  3. It helps establish authority.                                                                                          You want to show your clients and your new audience the expertise you have on your field? Blogging is the way to go! A blog provides you with the necessary size and format to share your feedback and valuable information regarding issues and topics of your industry. While you are sharing reliable content and building on your professional image, at the same time your audience becomes more familiar with your company. Eventually, this will result to  great trust and authority between you and your clients, which will naturally be followed by the next benefit…
  4. Long Tail Effect.                                                                                           blogging_compounding_returns-1-1  The next very important and unique benefit of blogging is what we call the “long tail effect”. What do we mean? Well, when we refer to a “long tail effect” is when an action that we took in the past is able to effect the present and the future in a positive and steady way. More specifically, lets imagine that this post that you are reading right now  hasn’t really created any significant traffic as of today, but in two months from now will contribute for 30% of the total traffic on my site and most probably this traffic will later translate into leads.
  5. It humanizes your brand.                                                                                               Humanizing your brand means creating emotional connections with your customers and initiating dialogue with them that gives you valuable feedback and information that helps you meet their needs and concerns. And all the following will lead to increase in sales and customer satisfaction. Blogging is one very efficient and easy tactic to humanize your brand. Why? Because, it gives your readers the opportunity to see that you are current, informed and educated, which builds trust and credibility.

To Sum up…

It’s logical for all of us to be hesitant about whether blogging is an outdated marketing tactic or not. However, as you saw there are a handful of benefits and advantages that blogging can bring to your company. It is an option that can only bring positive results to you and your brand. So, stop worrying and start blogging!!!


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The Power of Visual Social Media Platforms. What’s better for you?


The social media is a new and upcoming form of advertising and marketing. There are various platforms of social media that are now being widely used in the business world as a marketing tool. They all seem to be relatively successful and ,more importantly, very promising for the future. However, it is important to note that people, nowadays, tent to shift from social media to visual social media. When we refer to  visual social media, we are talking about social media that are mainly focused on the visual content that is being shared. In other words, the images and videos that are being posted. This transition is  some of the best news for small business, as it gives companies the opportunity to be more efficient and direct in their marketing. “A picture is worth a thousand words”; an old English idiom that perfectly illustrates the reasoning of the above statement and this transition that we are experiencing today.

What is the best platform for you?social-media-networks-icons-ss-1920

There is big number of visual social media platforms in the market and each one of them has some unique characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

At the beginning, we all have the same question and that is” which social platform is the right one for my brand?”.  Well, most of the people would say that any brand can be successful with any kind of platform, as long as it is being used correctly.

My opinion is that the only person who knows the answer to that question is YOUR SELF. Yet, don’t panic,  we are here to provide you with the necessary information and guidance, so that you can make a rational decision. The list below contains some of the characteristics that you need to identify for your company in order to help you detect which platform suits your brand the best.

More specifically, you need to identify the demographics of your target group and compare and contrast them with the demographics of the platforms that you are interest in.

One Compelling Example maxresdefault

In this section we will compare Facebook and Instagram with a goal to determine which platform matches better the characteristics of an imaginary company’s target group. There are only 3 steps that we need to follow in order to succeed in this procedure. The first one is to correctly identify OUR audience and target group, the second one is to compare it with the demographics of each of the platforms that we are targeting and the last one is to make the right connections and conclusions.

 Step 1

Let’s  say that the company sells men’s grooming products. Taking this into consideration, we realize that this company’s target group is mainly men of age 20 and older.

Step 2

By using the information from the graphs below, we recognize that Facebook’s audience matches better the characteristics of our company’s audience for the following two reasons:

  1. There is a much larger percentage of people of age 30 and older that use Facebook than Instagram.
  2. And more importantly, 66% of the men use Facebook, while only 22% of the male population uses Instagram

Step 3

In the last step, which is probably the hardest and most important one, we have to make the right conclusions and decisions. To do that, we have to look at every single detail regarding our target group and make sure that we are doing the right research. In other words, the fact the Facebook has, by far, the most users shouldn’t be a reason for us to choose Facebook for our platform. We are looking for more detailed and specific connections in our comparisons.



To sum up…

We realize that the social media is definitely the right spot for small businesses to market their brands in. Yet, furthermore, we detect that visual social media platforms are even better and more successful advertising platforms for businesses.  They hide a lot of potential and their future is very encouraging.

Moreover, we discussed about what’s the “best” social media platform for your brand and we came to the agreement that YOU are the right person to make this decision. I promise that if you follow the above formula carefully and also listen to your feelings, then you will be able to make the right decision.

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The Influential Figures of Sports


The field of sports has always been one of the most successful and influential industries in modern society.  Advertising and marketing evolve at an extremely fast pace, yet athletes and major, sports-affiliated companies have always been by their side. The past has shown that the impact of the athletes and sport organizations exceeds the sport industry. Specifically, we have seen all stars for every sport participating in campaigns related to the food and fashion industries, the car industry and many more. In other words, if you are a small business or a startup company and you are trying to make a name for yourself, there’s no better way than to have a sports figure join your team.

Who are the top influencers in the Sport Industry?

As we would all imagine, the most influential athletes on social media are those who are also the best, most successful and well known in the sport industry. They are the figures that the biggest companies fight to partner and work with. According to Verge Campus, the top five most influential athletes from 2015 are the following: in fifth place is Michael Jordan, who despite the fact is not active anymore, is an icon that has tremendous influence over many different social groups. Right above him is Stephen Curry, who many call “the next Michael Jordan.” As an amazing person with his talent and genuine character, he inspires a lot of people. Next on the list is probably the most popular soccer player of the modern world, Cristiano Ronaldo. He is an athlete that managed to combine his success in soccer with his natural beauty and has become one of the most coveted sport figures. Second comes Conor McGregor, a mixed martial art athlete, who everyone has been talking about the past two years. His unique and authentic personality has dramatically increased the popularity of both himself and the UFC. On the top of the list is Tom Brady, probably the best quarterback to ever play the game of football. He’s so influential that he managed to “sell” a predominantly female brand, “UGG,” to men.

To sum up, we realize that the most influential people in the industry of sports are the ones that combine success with something else. In each case, that “something else” is different. Your job will be to identify it and eventually decide whether it’s something that expresses you and your company.

How are you going to create partnerships?

Many of you would say “But how am I going to get LeBron James, Cam Newton, Rafael Nadal or anyone that famous to join my team?” Well, the truth is that you don’t need to. You don’t need the most famous and successful athletes for your campaign, social media page or account to promote your company. Any regular athlete with the right personality, who shares the same values and ethics with you, will most definitely have the right connections to get you and your company at the desirable position. He or she can be the vehicle you need to expand to new heights.

There are many examples and success stories of start up companies that had the chance to partner up with less known athletes and made it to the big scene. It is important to understand what a sport figure brings to the table. Besides their very important fan base and followers on social media, it’s also their teammates and their connections and lastly their influence within their sport.

One of the many examples that illustrate the above argument is that of the start up company named PRO-NRG after their main product. PRO-NRG is a startup company that specializes in performance recovery drinks. The founder of the product and owner of the startup, Tania Patruno, was very familiar and experienced with the market. She knew that in order to overcome the competition, she would need a person-ideal to market her product. She found that person in the face of Brandon Jacobs, a former NFL player. He wasn’t an extremely famous athlete; yet, just with his connections and especially with the influence on his teammates and the rest of the athletes in the NFL, he was able to market and promote this product in the best possible way. Brandon Jacobs was certainly they key for the success of this product and start up company.

There are many success stories that prove that you don’t necessarily need the top five or twenty most influential people of sports. You just need to find the perfect fit for you and your company. In other words, you need to find the person with whom you share the same ideals and more importantly the person who is influential to the group of people that you consider your target group.

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