Do you want to standout from your competitors?

The fashion and beauty industry is one of the most competitive industry’s in the market. It is important to understand who your audience is and the correct way to engage with them in a positive and long-lasting form. Different platforms require different approaches however; companies should always stay true to their brand voice in order to create a strong relationship with their audiences. The more familiar you become to your audience the better and this is how you do it:

A great image speaks louder than words:

Having an image that incorporates all aspects of your company including personality is key to getting audiences across the board to relate and engage with you in social media. Instagram is by far one of the best social media platforms for fashion and beauty brands and finding the right picture to fit your company is vital to who follows your page and how often your audience engages with you.

Aside from having a captivating image on a social media post, it is important to identify your brand’s voice. Brand voice defines how a company thinks and interacts with its followers. Finding your brand voice can be simple, just think about your brand and what it can offer to consumers. Stephanie Schwab, CEO of Crackerjack Marketing has created a 4 piece method to find your brand’s voice.

When you have decided what your character/persona, tone, language and purpose will be, is time to start posting!

How to accommodate my brand’s voice through the different social media platforms?

Your brand’s voice needs to be consistent throughout all social media platforms. The language changes to accommodate content on the different platforms but your overall tone and purpose should stay the same. It is extremely important to understand who your audience is and how are you going to engage with them. The better you understand your audience the more customer engagement you will get.

 Fashion designer, Rebecca Minkoff is a perfect example of defining your brand voice while using a social media platform. Rebecca Minkoff brand’s voice on social media is consistent with an overarching theme. The brand targets women on the go, with a hectic lifestyle and Rebecca Minkoff’s products fits this lifestyle.

Their social media posts are simple and captivating, the posts empathizing the product and a glamorous lifestyle.


Facebook is known for being the biggest social media platform in terms of followers.Facebook allows a company to interact with followers and showcase social media campaigns. Facebook has the widest range of content which allows a company to announce different product and services.

As if you needed another reason to visit #RMNYC #girlsnightout

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Twitter is a cultural zeitgeist. Twitter allows your company to interact with followers in a quick and fast paced environment. Drafting a tweet can be a challenge if you have not established your brand’s voice.


A picture is worth a thousand words.

As mentioned before Instagram is by far one of the best social media platforms for fashion and beauty brands. Instagram allows your company to showcase your brand’s personality while engaging with your followers.

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Urban necessity: the Julian Backpack with Fringe

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Always remember to stay true to your brand and try to showcase your brand’s personality as best as you can. This will allow your company to reach a wider audience and will keep your existent followers engage.