Engaging on YouTube


In the next 60 seconds, 300 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube. For small businesses, this means that sharing content is only the first step to getting noticed. The second step is engaging with viewers. This post will offer an overview of how to better engage with viewers.

  1. Use YouTube Analytics

It is crucial that brands use the data available through YouTube Analytics. This tool can help uncover trends regarding your channel. The information available can be extremely powerful because it can help you better engage with your audience. Some of the reports available include watch time, traffic sources and demographic reports.

One way to improve engagement is by examining the traffic sources of your viewers to find out which websites they are coming from. The image below is an example of what this metric looks like on YouTube Analytics.

Once you identify which websites and communities your viewers are coming from, you can start you improve your marketing strategy based on this information. For example if a significant amount of viewers are coming from Twitter, you can start focusing on improving your presence on Twitter to better connect with that specific audience. This information can also be used to figure out where you want to see improvements. Really analyze all of the data for each video and find out what types of content work with specific audiences. Find out more about using this tool on YouTube’s help center.



  1. Respond to Comments

It is just as important for brands on YouTube share relevant content as it is to engage with viewers and commenters. Although this takes time and personalization, it is a great way to build relationships on YouTube. Old Spice is a great example demonstrating that sharing good content and having a strong response strategy can lead to outstanding results. Old Spice proved their commitment to engaged viewers by creating 180 individual video responses to people who commented on their commercials. After one month, their sales increased by 107%, demonstrating the importance of responding to viewers. As a small business, you don’t necessarily have to go to such lengths but a simply responding to comments will make your viewers feel appreciated.

  1. Reach Out to Other Channels

A great way to build rapport and get noticed by other channels is by linking and commenting on other videos as a brand. A simple comment on a video can go very far. The channel owner’s curiosity may be sparked and will most likely take a look at your channel to know who you are. Most importantly, other commenters may see your insight and be curious about your brand as well. This is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness.

Every day, nearly 500,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. By implementing these strategies to better engage with your audience, your YouTube channel will be sure to stand out from your competition.