The Top Seven Do’s For Spring Break 2016 Visual Related Content

Spring Break: to some this means digging out last season’s ripped jean shorts and spending some time on the beach. To others, this week means finally getting to strut your stuff down the boardwalk wearing that new floral sundress and wooden wedges you snagged a month prior.

Either way, marketers view this week as a crucial turning point for the visual content they post and this sets the tone for the next season.

So with the Spring Break season finally coming to an end, we thought we would take a moment to recap on some of the best visual content that was recently published throughout the fashion and beauty industry. These however are in no particular order:

#1 Urban Outfitters Beauty – Instagram

We’d say this is the definition of “no caption necessary”, @urbanoutfittersbeauty does a great job of showing and not telling their followers what essentials they need this spring.

A photo posted by @urbanoutfittersbeauty on Mar 3, 2016 at 6:58am PST


#2 L’Oreal USA Corporate – Facebook

Although your eyes may not notice the product that L’Oreal has positioned in this image, it is still present, and in fact you cannot even read the labels that are on the little bottles. However, you are still drawn in by the floral arrangements and pastel colors throughout. Once again proving that sometimes the visual content is not supposed to be focused on the product.

#3 Free People – Pinterest

Spring Break is often when musical festivals across the country start to kick off. Within recent years, these events have created a brand knew segment and culture within the fashion industry, some companies even have clothing lines dedicated towards these massive concerts. The company Free People has launched a whole Pinterest Board called Festival Flower to inspire concert goers to dress in their attire.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 6.20.54 PM


#4 Covergirl – Twitter

Sometimes visual content however is straight and to the point. Covergirl places their vibrant lip colors front and center among a bed of flowers and creates a simple picture displaying their spring hues.


#5 Zara – Instagram

Zara released the photo below as the cover for their new spring collection. However, you would not know what they were advertising without the text in the bottom right hand corner. This is a perfect example of how to balance images and text, in visual content.




#6 Tommy Hilfiger – Facebook

Tommy decided to create a spring break video this season staring famous model Behati Prinsloo, showing her twirling around in the tropical jungle wearing a bright sun dress. Unique usage of spelling out the brand’s name “Tommy Hilfiger” letter-by-letter not only forces the viewer to have to pay close attention to figure out who the company is, but also leaves a simple message stating “wish you were here”, which seems to be Tommy’s spring slogan.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.12.28 PM

Watch the actual video here: Tommy Hilfiger Facebook

#7 Estee Lauder – Pinterest

Estee Lauder uses a similar technique to what Free People did as mentioned above. They have created a Spring Beauty board on their Pinterest as a collection of their spring favorites. Their effortless images provide a context for what products they are focusing on this season, along with a spring setting that give the pictures the perfect amount of visual appeal.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.44.28 PM

So now what?

In sum, the above seven examples capture, to us, what makes great visual content. So to recap, here are some helpful hints:

  1. Show, don’t tell because it’s easier for people to understand pictures and images than it is text.
  2. If you have text, make sure it is limited. It’s called VISUAL content for a reason. Sometimes the use of a caption is the best way to incorporate text, rather than on the image itself.
  3. The focus does not always have to be on the product, sometimes it can just be an interesting and creative image that includes the product in some shape or form.

Our friends at The Content Marketing Institute have written their view on The 27+ Handy Tools for Better Visual Content Marketing in one of their blog posts by Jodi Harris which you can read here. They have a more in-depth look at how to specifically enhance your marketing work and we think it’s definitely worth the read!