Social media strategies during London Fashion week

London Fashion Week SS16 and AW16 was all about innovation. The major fashion houses created history by using social media platforms to showcase their new collections. With more than 2.5 million impressions  generated by the #LFW, London Fashion Week made its biggest ever social media impact for spring/summer 2016.Fashion giants such as Burberry and Topshop developed innovative social media strategies to increase brand awareness and consumer engagement.


Burberry made history by being the first brand in the world to shoot and preview a collection on Snapchat. The fashion house gave a sneak peek of their Spring/Summer 2016 collection, 24 hours before the models walked the runway.This unprecedented event granted Burberry 60,000 interactions on Twitter during London Fashion Week SS16.

Burberry continued making history in London Fashion Week AW16 by being the first brand to use Snapchat’s discover option to launch a promotional campaign.The Mr. Burberry campaign claimed to deliver over 100 million impressions. Burberry digital revolution aims to target a younger demographic. The creation of new social media tactics have allowed Burberry to make history in the digital market like no other.


Topshop social media strategy for London Fashion Week SS16 focused on teaming up with Pinterest to create “Pinterest Palettes”. This feature scanned users’ Pinterest boards and identified common colors most frequently “pinned”. Then, it matched hues to an online Topshop calendar where prospective costumers could buy from directly. For London Fashion Week AW16, Topshop delivered its collection live on its website. Also, the fashion house partnered up with photographer Nick Knight to provide a unique experience for Topshop’s followers by delivering real time content through Twitter. Topshop social media strategy relies on staying up to date with trends while delivering immediate and relevant content.

Madame Tussauds

Not only fashion houses took advantage of social media during London Fashion Week. The museum Madame Tussauds decided to promote their new wax statues of models Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne. With the use of proper hashatags and good timing, Madame Tussauds Instagram page saw an increase on social media engagement. The page reached a wider audience by linking trending personalities to their products.


Social media is changing the horzions of the fashion industry. Maybe your brand does not have an unlimited marketing budget to advertise its products. But thinking outside the box and delivering new social media strategist can help your brand stand out in a pool of competitors. After reviewing the success stories of Burberry, Topshop and Madame Tussauds your brand can implement some of their social media strategies to develop elite content and reach a wider audience.

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