Snapchat changing the frontiers of the fashion industry

Snapchat is considered one of the newest additions of the social media marketing mix. Snapchat allows users to send pictures and interactive videos for up to 10 seconds. Depending on how long the user send the photo or video, these files disappear after user sees the “Snap”. Users are also able to send text and drawings through Snapchat. One of the most used features on this app is the “Snapchat Story” where users and brands are able to post a picture or video that will remain posted for 24 hours. This is the new face of video streaming and a new way where fashion brands are able to leverage their brand awareness by providing sneak peeks of new products and clothing lines.

Fashion relies on strong visuals in order to promote brand awareness. The industry is known for its fast paced environment where brands need to maintain a strong image while dealing with the constantly shifting trends. This is what makes Snapchat a suitable marketing tool for fashion brands. The quick turnover of images allow brands to interact with it followers in an immediate and intimate way. For this reason fashion houses have taken their new collections to Snapchat to appeal an increasing generation: Millenials, the largest generation of America.

Burberry debuted its Spring/Summer 2016 Collection on Snapchat

During London fashion week 2015 the iconic British brand, Burberry previewed their Spring/Summer 2016 collection on Snapchat; 24 hours before the models walked the runway. This unprecedented event allowed Burberry to increased its brands awareness worldwide. Even if users were not following Burberry on Snapchat, Burberry was featured on Snapchat stories worldwide. On this single event Burberry received more than 100 million impressions.

On April. 2016, Burberry made history again by being the first fashion luxury brand that promotes a campaign on “Snapchat Discover”. Snapchat Discover is a feature where top publishers broadcast their content for 24 hours. The fashion house used its dedicated “channel” on Snapchat to debut a video on the Mr. Burberry collection.

Aside from these breakthrough events, Burberry has incorporated unique Snapchat QR codes on fragrances and grooming products. The codes allowed user to view exclusive content of the brand.

How can your fashion brand incorporate Snapchat?

After reading Burberry’s success story, your brand is able to use Snapchat as an effective marketing tool by:

Delivering exclusive content

While using Snpachat your brand should focus on recording content that will be unique to your followers. For example: sneak peeks of collections, backstage footage, behind the scene material on photo-shoots or pictures/videos when restocking a highly demanded product. By providing exclusive content to your audience, you are increasing brand loyalty, consumer engagement and brand awareness.

Feature Live Events

Snapchat is the perfect social media outlet to provide your audience with real-time updates of your brand. You can broadcast fashion show or products launches and give your audience an exclusive view of the new things your brand has to offer. This will help you brand to increase its reach and build a more loyal follower base.

Partner with influencers

Partnering with influencers that have a strong Snapchat presence can help your brand enhance its brand voice and reach a wider demographic. It is extremely important to integrate all your social media platforms and promote your brand’s Snapchat channel. Snapchat Story option only allows your content to be posted for a maximum of 24 hours. Alerting your followers of this new content will help them stay tuned on the latest news and promotions of your brand.

Snapchat is a genuine platform that can impact your followers through real-time marketing. In the fast paced world that we live today and the increasing millennial generation that is reconfiguring the way marketers reach an audience, it is extremely important to understand your followers. Staying on top of trends and using new technological approaches will help your fashion brand increase its brand awareness and consumer engagement. With ongoing creativity your brand can reach a wider audience and maybe create history by finding a new approach for Snapchat as a marketing tool.


Image via: Burberry

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