Archiving for the future

Archives have become increasingly important in the fashion world, and many companies are digging up their old wardrobes for different purposes. I selected a few different examples to show how archiving can be a great way for your social media marketing.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 9.30.32 AM

Alexa Chung Digging Through The Archives for M&S

M&S came out with a new (or old) fashion line that was curated from their archives by Alexa Chung. I previously did an article on Alexa Chung’s work at Vogue, which really highlights why her talents would be particularly exceptional for this job. M&S did a ton of promotion for this special campaign, and created a lot of exceptional content. Looking at the page for this special campaign we see lots of visuals and small video clips tied into this vintage theme of the archives. Alexa also features in a //

“>short video explaining a bit about her work that draws you in with her fun quirky personality. Using her for this collection was a brilliant idea, because not only were they able to apprehend someone who is very fashionable, but she has a huge fan base on Instagram and Twitter that all of this content was shared with as the project was coming together. As you scroll further down there are also a couple vintage clips of old M&S advertisements to really bring back the feel of the time when the clothes were created. Hats off to M&S for choosing a great influencer, and leveraging the past to push themselves into the future in this successful campaign.


A Private Tour With Carlo Rivetti

Stone Island is notorious for being an extremely unique technical fabric brand that does everything in house. Rivetti takes great pride in the fact that he can control the entire manufacturing process in his warehouse, and for the first time last year he opened the doors to his vast archives as well as some of his very special dying processes. Stone Island is known for its exquisite colors so the brand capitalized on creating some great content by allowing Highsnobeity to take a tour. Highsnobeity has a massive following in the menswear world and with collaborations between Stone Island and streetwear brand Supreme to debut soon this was a perfect way to get everyone hyped up about the coming release. The video really is an ode to all who love some of the technical aspects of fashion. Anyone trying to get a further look into this process can watch part 2 of this series here.


A.P.C. Journal

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 9.49.56 AM

Another great way to utilize the archives can be as simple as creating content for your company’s blog. The A.P.C. Journal is a blog headed by the company that publishes most of the companies owned content. The blog features many different posts from the current collection as well as excerpts on different pieces from the creative director, Jean Touitou. One of their weekly blog posts is From Our Vault and will display an item from their archives. This is a great way to draw lineage between what the brand is doing and what the brand has done showing how they have evolved overtime, but the essence and quality has remained the same. It seemingly gives your brand a bit more credibility to show you can reference pieces from different times, even if the collection was only two years ago.

Why Do We Like Archiving Again?

It is a great way to bring an influencer in to take a dig through and create some content around.

Show off a bit. Your brand is great and you take pride in it, so go ahead and show off some of your unique techniques and the process behind creating your products. It’s a great way to make fans and bring people in.

Blog about it. Even if your company hasn’t been around for countless years bringing back some of your old pieces can show your credibility, and earn you respect. It is also a great way to just pump out more content on a weekly basis to try and reach more people.






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