How to respond and recover from negative feedback on social media

Social media has become an unprecedented tool for businesses. Almost every business has at least one social media profile for their brand, which they use to interact with past, current and future customers. Aside from providing a better platform for consumer engagement, social media has the ability to create better brand assumptions and perceptions. These come in the form of customer reviews.

Businesses dream of the day when their product or service will completely satisfy their consumer needs. In reality, it can be nearly impossible to satisfy everyone. Therefore, social media platforms have become the first point of complaint for many dissatisfied customers.

The fashion and beauty industry is an incredibly competitive market. Any negative feedback can threatened the reputation of your product or service. So what do you do when your brand has received negative feedback?

 Acknowledge the problem and apologize
The first step is acknowledging the issue at hand. This gives your brand the opportunity to apologize to your customers and at the same time able to receive feedback on what went wrong with the product or service.
An example of how to successfully address negative feedback is Kylie Jenner lip-gloss wand malfunction. Recently, reality TV personality Kylie Jenner launched her own cosmetic brand focused on lipstick products. unfortunately the first batch of products p was not up to customers’ standards.

Therefore, she made a public apology acknowledging that the lip-gloss wands were defective and she would continue producing the products with better materials. During her apology she was able to resonate with customers when she tweeted: “life is a learning experience and we learn from our mistakes”.


 Take action
After apologizing it is important to amend mistakes. This can be done by sending a new product to a customer or a discount for a next purchase. Sending a new product or discount will positively reflect on your brand image and customer service.
Kylie Jenner Cosmetics resolved the issue of their defective wands by changing the wands’ materials and sending new products to affected customers.

Make Changes
No company wants to receive a negative review several times. Nonetheless, negative feedback is a good opportunity to learn what improvements can be made to a product or service. Learning from your mistakes will help your company leverage your product/service potential and possibly become a leader in the market.

Follow up with customer
After sending an appropriate apology and solution to a disgruntled customer it is important to follow up with them to understand how your product or service can be further improved and if your damage control was successful. Through this process your brand might be able to get a positive review in regards of how the problem was solved. Gaining a positive review after a problem helps your credibility as a brand and a positive brand image can be the outcome. Also, it gives companies the opportunity to create long lasting bonds with existing customers. Ultimately, these customers can become advocates for your brand.

As mentioned before it is unlikely that every customer  you come across will leave happy but it is important to take into account customers’ feedback. When responding to negative feedback do not take things personally. As a brand you want to act as soon as possible in order to build credibility and contain any image damage.

Tittle Image via: @JeffreeStar

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