New Facebook algorithm on Live video Streaming: Changing the way your brand interacts with followers

Facebook has done it again. Earlier this year Facebook implemented a new algorithm change that prioritizes trending topics on user’s newsfeed.

On March 1st, 2016 Facebook changed its algorithm in order to impact the way your brand interacts with followers, and its doing it through: Facebook Live Video.

Facebook Live Video

Facebook live video is a new tool that brands can utilize in order to allow users to stream into broadcast topics on a live streaming video for up to 30 minutes. Facebook is altering its newsfeed algorithm to make sure live videos appear higher on a user’s feed.

What does this mean for business brands?

This means you can let your Facebook users experience the brand’s events at the same time you are. It’s a hyper-local and consumer base focus for all businesses to interact with their followers, a.k.a. present, past and future consumers.

Sharing this experience with your audience means that anyone who follows or likes your page can comment, react, share and take part of your live feed.

There is an infinite amount of options available for you as a brand to represent yourself in a real life scenario that your audience is part of without physically being there. From covering a fashion show, to a re-stock in your store this new Facebook tool not only helps humanize your brand but also establish your voice as a strong fashion marketer.

In addition to letting brands share their experiences Facebook is also tapping into a global trend, the “Life Stream” tool allows brands to see a global map in order to pinpoint where their main audience is coming from; meaning, a brand has a new social media measuring tool for its present and future customers.


According to an article on Facebook has realized that live streams get more than three times the amount of viewers than previously recorder videos. This new piece of information is what lead to the new algorithm, while videos became the best content on Facebook in late 2010, live feeds have the potential of satisfying the consumer’s need to have immediate contact with the brand.

With fashion’s rapid pace it is vital for all brands to keep up with social media tools that can help consumers identify with their brand in a more personal level. While live feeds are a relatively new feature, if brands learn how to use it wisely and execute a thought-out feed, consumers will come to recognize the brand as a smart marketer and a company with a strong social media/digital presence.

Facebook live feed has the ability to revolutionize the way a brand interacts with its followers by creating a new type of content. Not only brands will be able to reach a wider consumer segment but they will have the ability to reach consumers like they never have before.

And as Facebook said themselves:

Now that more and more people are watching Live videos, we are considering Live Videos as a new content type – different from normal videos – and learning how to rank them for people in News Feed.

Tittle image via: Burberry

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