Spotlight: Success Stories

Success is inspiring! While there are certain things that are always in the forefront of our minds, sometimes we forget the greats. Here is a reminder of a few influential campaigns over the past few years that should be an inspiration (or challenge) for others! The below three success stories all took different approaches and achieved their goals. They knew how to target their audience, execute their message and drive results.


play with your food

“Why Should Cookies Have All The Fun?”

Problem: Sell more Tyson chicken nuggets during the holiday season

Goal: Sell the surplus during an 8-week period and generate 2.6M+ social media impressions

Solution: Instead of taking the traditional route of just marking the product down and getting rid of it, Tyson focused their efforts around two ideas: creativity and influencers. Tyson started created in store demos around their central message “Why Should Cookies Have All The Fun?” They modeled their demos around cookie decorating, switching out the cookies for nuggets and decorations for condiments. Tyson encouraged everyone who participated to share their experience. They asked mommy bloggers Wendy Wright from Choosing Love, Shannon Gosney from The Mommy Files, and Mellisa Swigart from Mom Luck to participate in in-store demos.

Results: Tyson sold its surplus in 4-weeks and achieved 8.8M+ impressions on social media. They also saw and average 42% sales lift during that period

Why It Worked: Tyson understood their demographic and appealing to families was crucial to their success. They were engaging and accessible and created a clear call to action. Tyson’s choice of influencer was also key in driving their success. The community around Mommy Bloggers is large and relies on these influencers as trusted sources of information. By tapping into their larger network, Tyson was able to generate success.

my after

“My After”

Problem: Change the perception that chocolate milk is just a kids drink (target adults)

Goal: Increase sales and audience

Solution: They reached out to Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers. They created a campaign around “My After” following the athlete through workouts, sports dieticians and at sports medicine conferences. The goal was to educate on the science behind chocolate milk. Weber Shandwick understood that there is a lot of influence in this industry peer to per and word of mouth and utilized that activity. They also provided this network with resources to become knowledge experts in this subject area.

Results: There have been generating year over year sales since the campaign launched

Why It Worked: This campaign really highlighted the benefits and value of the product. Traditional “Got Milk” ads focus on engaging with the current customer base, while this campaign focused on growing and expanding their reach. By going through the athletic network, it taps into a network that is naturally excited by health, fitness and well-being. This influencer partnership on this endeavor would be seen as a perfect match between the product, the influencer and the end user.

may box

“May Box – Instagram Takeover by Emily Schuman”

Problem: Wants to reach more Instagram followers to discover newest beauty products

Goal: Drive sales of their May Box and increase followers and engagement

Solution: Birchbox paired with lifestyle blogger Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere. They collaborated on the May Box and promoted their partnership across both Instagram accounts; Birchbox has 469,000+ followers and Emily Schuman has 260,000+ followers. They shared exactly 5 Instagram photos to promote this partnership in what they call an Instagram takeover.

Results: The Instagram takeover was successful with the five photos reaching more than 550,000 customers and accumulating over 18,000 likes.

Why It Worked:  This was not the first time Birchbox has done an Instagram takeover. Back on Mother’s Day 2014, They had a very successful experience with Christina Zilber. That campaign generated 1,135 user-generated posts and high levels of engagement. These tactics are working for Birchbox because they understand their audience. In beauty and fashion, people typically do not try new products until someone reputable stands behind them. By creating strong partnerships, they are creating a link between the two communities. By doing them for a short period of time it is creating exclusivity of, for example, the May Box products.


All three companies took slightly different approaches to their influencer strategy. As long as you understand the foundation of your business, the mission of your influencer and the target audience, you should have a successful campaign just like them!

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