A little less than a year ago, Instagram introduced a new feature in one of their updates, users will now be able to use emojis as hashtags. This feature allowed not only users, but marketers to increase their social media presence. Since then, the use of emoji hashtags have skyrocketed.

This update brings us one step closer to a society that does not have to use words to communicate. Additionally, marketers found this news particularly exciting because there would no longer be language barriers in advertising their brands through instagram. Consequently, making their audience larger and multi cultural.


Justin Lafferty identified the most popular emojis to use as hashtags. Using these will bring more traffic and engagement into your account and post.

Top Emoji Hashtags on Instagram

  1. The Heart
  2. The smiley face with hearts
  3. The kissy face with a heart
  4. The laughing face with tears of joy
  5. The happy/blushing face
  6. The happy face with sunglasses


Should I use emojis as hashtags?

Instagram’s hashtag ability is one of the best ways of getting your images seen by the right people, if used correctly. Ultimately, anything that enhances your image’s ability to be found is a benefit.


If #mood helps the search engine to filter and narrow down your search to images that have been uploaded with that hashtag, imagine hashtagging the actual mood with a specific emoji.

Natalia Angulo has recently described the benefits of using emoji hashtags as the following:

Benefits of Using Emoji Hashtags:

  1. “On Instagram, emoji are becoming a valid and near-universal method of expression in all languages,” wrote Thomas Dimson, a software engineer on the Instagram Data Team.
  2. May reveal why consumers feel a certain way toward brands
  3. Better tailor messages
  4. Can reach target audience easier


Although the ability to use #emojis is a great addition, it should never replace a hashtag represented with words. The perfect combination is one that has both, hashtag emojis and regular hashtags.

Which emoji is your favorite? Let us know what you think and follow us on IG @hashtag4thegram.


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