Fashion and Beauty Brands Gear Up for Festival Season

Summer is almost upon us and so is festival season! This is certainly something that fashion and beauty brands haven’t failed to notice this year—if you’re a young woman using social media, chances are you’ve seen some sort of promotion around festival fashion.

While music festivals like Lollapalooza and Coachella have been around for years and have always been the scene of bold fashion statements, young women are now spending more time and money on what they wear. After all, now we have social media to share outfits and followers to impress. A number of fashion and beauty brands are trying to join that conversation in recent years through product lines and specialized content shared through social media. While some, like H&M, seem like a perfect fit, some may surprise you. Here are just a few brands running social media marketing campaigns for festival season.


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While H&M has long featured the trendy and boho styles worn to music festivals, the fast fashion retailer now releases a co-branded collection with the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival itself. The “HM Loves Coachella” collection is available in stores, online, and festival goers will be able to purchase the items at a tent set up by H&M. They promoted this line throughout their own social media channels with the hashtag #HMLovesCoachella and they partnered with major publications like Buzzfeed and Refinery29 to promote it as well.


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When I first saw that Pandora was partnering with Coachella as the festival’s official jewelry sponsor, I was skeptical. It didn’t seem that people in their target audience would be interested in going to music festivals in the first place. However, if they are trying to target a younger market, it certainly makes sense for them to use festival season as an opportunity to do so. Using popular hashtags like #festivalseason and #festivalready are also a great move by the brand. They also included plenty of great visual and video content on their own online magazine, demonstrating the importance of having your own channels to post content rather than relying on ever changing Instagram algorithms.



Urban Decay


We’ve got festival season in the bag. 🎶 #UDGetaway #UrbanDecay

A photo posted by Urban Decay Cosmetics (@urbandecaycosmetics) on Apr 5, 2016 at 7:04am PDT


A brand known for dramatic smoky eye looks may not seem like a fit for boho festivals but Urban Decay has done an excellent job positioning their products as must haves for music festivals like ULTRA and Spring Awakening where edgier looks are prominent. If you’re running content around music festivals, its important to know which ones your audience will be going to.


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A coach bag is another product that might seem out of place in the festival scene but the historic fashion house has been using content marketing to reach a new demographic. They’ve been working with influencers that are young artists, DJ’s, and fashion gurus who are exactly who young festival goers would be looking to for inspiration. This is perfectly coordinated with their new line which has a much more alternative and boho feel.

If you’re a fashion and beauty brand trying to reach a younger market or better engage your audience, consider following these brands example in joining the conversation surrounding festival fashion and festival season. It’s what’s on the audience’s mind in the coming months and good content marketing means supplying the relevant information they are looking for when they need it. Judging by some of the surprising brands in this list, chances are there is a niche for your brand as well!

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