What The Latest Instagram Updates Means For Your Brand


The only thing that is constant on social media is change. Instagram is always working on ways to improve their app. Luckily, you have us to keep you updated on the latest Instagram news and what it all means for your brand. Being able to stay relevant and up to date is key when it comes to promoting your brand on any platform.

  1. Notification Center on Desktop Version

This month, Instagram rolled out the first ever desktop notification center. You can finally see, in one place, who is liking and commenting on your photos when using Instagram’s desktop version. Simply click on the heart icon located on the top right hand corner of your screen. A drop down menu will appear and you can now access all of your Instagram activity in one place, no matter what device you are on! This is great news for marketers and will make managing your brand’s activity easier on the desktop version. It’s important to point out that this update does not exactly mirror the notification center we are used to on mobile devices. You will not be able to see your follower’s activity when using the desktop version. However, there’s a good chance we could see that in the future.


  1. 3D Touch Feature

When Apple and then Android, came out with a 3D touch feature, Instagram was quick to incorporate the new feature in the app’s mobile version. 3D touch, referred to as “Peek and Pop,” is a pop-up window that appears when a user lightly presses on the screen. This allows users to get a glimpse of the content without having to wait for the entire page to load. This feature works for usernames on news feeds and photos and videos on the notification tab and explore tab. Once the pop-up window appears, the user is given options to like, view profile, and send content as message. Your followers can interact with your brand and share your content faster than ever! This will not only cut back on a lot of time for the user, but also means brands literally have a second to attract their audience. The glimpse of content the user sees will determine if they click through to your feed for more or move on to the next thing that catches their eye.


  1. Landscape/Portrait Mode

Instagram finally took the hint and now supports posts in both landscape and portrait orientation. The days of using Instasize in order to fit more into the frame are over. You can finally say goodbye to using the square camera mode in order to maintain Instagram’s signature square limit. This update applies to both photos and videos. Making the option between landscape or portrait, is as easy as choosing a filter. But before you get too excited, beware that when viewing a profile grid, all photos are center-cropped to maintain consistency no matter what orientation it’s in. For this reason, your photos may get cut off when in thumbnail view. All and all, this update is great and will have your profile feed looking cleaner and more consistent than ever!


  1. Revamped Explore and Search Page

The last Instagram update that helps your brand is the revamped explore and search page. Not only does the page have a new look, but you can now search trending hash tags, people, and locations in real-time. Jilly Badanes director of Marketing at Viraltag outlined 5 ways the new feature can help your brand.

  1. Find people to follow, recommended to you, based on your Instagram Activity
  2. Find trending hash tags that relate to your brand and participate in the conversation
  3. Explore what is being shared connected to your location
  4. Find inspiration in top posts and replicate what has proven to work well
  5. Use “search” to find the best tags to drive traffic


In some ways, Instagram is becoming more and more desktop friendly, much like the app’s owner, Facebook. On the other hand, new updates are enhancing the way we experiencing the photo-sharing app on mobile devices. I have a feeling there’s a lot more in store to enhance our experience with the app on all devices! Be on the lookout for more Instagram updates!

Let us know in the comments sections how these updates have been useful for your brand and don’t forget to follow us on our own Instagram @hashtag4thegram!

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