The Perfect App for an Instagram Planner

With over 80 million photos posted daily, marketers are being forced to focus more heavily on the science of Instagram posting — how to get the best content in front of the right people before that content is no longer relevant. It’s estimated that 75% of social engagement occurs in the first five minutes after the content is posted. Giving marketers a short amount of time to reach their consumers in a fun and creative way.

Before there was there was…well, nothing. In one of our previous posts “7 Apps Every Marketer Needs,” we mentioned an app called, the first visual planner for Instagram. Created by Brandy Pham and her husband Andy, the app was designed from a designer’s and editor’s point of view. Brandy, a content creator for  @brandypham had to manage her time wisely when she became a new mom. Trying to plan out her posts was a long and tedious process. Andy saw there was a correlation between Instagram posts and online sell-through. When Brandy would post to Instagram she would make a sale. 

In the non digital marketing world and just the regular old fashioned marketing world, a planogram was and still is used in retail to show the placement of products on a shelf. It helps to maximize sales and minimize wasted space. They can also serve as a reference when trying to analyze retail performance to identify one of the potential culprits in lower sales.

How it works:

  1. Upload one or multiple pictures at a time
  2. Hold and drop the unscheduled image or (images) where you would like them to be placed
  3. Tap the picture when you have decided
  4. Add your captions
  5. Schedule now or later. There is a calendar view so you will be able to see when your posts are set to be scheduled and posted. You are also able to swipe right to post something in real time or left to delete.

Why should marketers schedule Instagram posts? helps cultivate brand presence and maximize potential earnings. Brands like J. Crew, Oreo, or J Brand use apps like to display there products.

What do you think of Love it as much as we do? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on our own Instagram @hashtag4thegram.

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