Making an Interactive Facebook Page

Now that you know what to post on your page. It’s time to work on your interaction with customers on Facebook. The best way to get started on this is to make a clean informative Facebook page.

Cover Photo

The first thing customers will likely notice when they visit your page is your cover photo. Make sure your cover photo is engaging and informative. It could feature information about upcoming events at your business or promote a product or a certain aspect of your business. When creating a cover photo, keep in mind the dimensions are 851 x 315 pixels. If you’re trying to be real efficient with your space note that your profile image covers the cover photo slightly. Below are the dimensions you need to know to use the space of a cover photo efficiently.

cover photos

About Yourself

One of the most overlooked parts of any Facebook page is the about section for a business. But you should be sure to utilize this area to really tell people what your business is about. A small about box shows to the left of your feed on your Facebook page. This is a great place to put links to a website or other links affiliated with your business. Nowadays you can even use a video in your pages about section to help promote your business.

Call Customers to Action

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 3.29.26 PMMLB

One of the neat features Facebook has for your page is the “Add a Button” button. This allows you to add a button at the top of your page in the cover photo, next to the “Like” and “Message” buttons (seen above is an example with the “Use App” button). This can be a variety of different calls to action:

  • Contact Us
  • Book Now
  • Call Now
  • Send Message
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video
  • Send Email
  • Learn More

Choose whichever call to action is most applicable to your business and utilize it at the top of your page. Due note that you can only add one of these buttons but feel free to change occasionally to promote a different aspect of your business. You can also always try to incorporate a call to action inside your About section if you feel like you want to utilize more space.

Contests or Sweepstakes

Another great way to engage with customers on your page is to utilize your page for a promotional giveaway or competition. This goes back to what to post on your page with respect to sharing customer content. If you do a competition on Facebook with he winners content being featured you’re in a win-win situation. Not only do you generate more content for your page but you generate interaction with your business.

A sweepstakes can have the same effect. Sweepstakes are also a great way to collect information about your customers. A sweepstakes could be as simple as, to enter tell us your favorite flavor ice cream for an ice cream shop’s Facebook. Or it could be collecting more personal information from your customers like emails and handles on other social networking sites, that way you have an idea of who your active customers are and other ways you can engage with them

To do this you may want to enlists the help of a third party app. Here is a link to a WishPond post that explains how to run a sweepstakes. If you want to use a third party app such as WishPond, they explain further down how to do so.

The People

Of course you can’t forget the people engaging on your page either. It is important to take the time to look through what your customers are saying on your page. Engage with the good and bad comments to show that you care. Remember that even people who don’t like your page can see it and if they see a business that truly cares about its customers and engages with them, it will increase their likeliness to like your page.

This can also help you handle some customer service problems, if someone had a bad experience and wrote about it on your Facebook, you have a chance to make up for it. You can also make someones day by showing that you appreciate their business by taking the time to write on someones post. It can be as simple as thank you in reply to a post about how much they enjoyed a day at your store or something along those lines.

BONUS! Engage Outside Your Page

One last way you can engage with customers is to leave your page and engage with people on other pages. As the administrator of your business’ Facebook page you can comment on other pages as your business. This way you can get the attention of people that are engaging with that page. An example would be maybe you’re an ice cream store that sells a certain brand of ice cream. Commenting on that brands Facebook page as your ice cream shop would be a great way to raise awareness for your business to people that may be interested in that particular brand of ice cream.

Now go wild and engage with your customers to the best of your abilities on your page. Next post will be about Facebook insights!

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