Twenty Four Interaction

According to Business Insider, did you know that you will soon be able to shop on Snapchat?

Yes, that above fact is currently in the works, which will enhance Discover by allowing consumers to purchase products from selected brands. This will not be an entire shock to the company, as they have already released Snapcash in 2014, which is a partnership with Square for users to exchange money in personal Chats. Interesting topic, especially since it can increase engagement and traffic to the application. Keep an eye out for a possible future post regarding the economics of Snapchat!

In the meantime, this post is about how you, as a small business owner, can optimize the 24-hour interaction function of Snapchat. Think about how when TV and radio were the most popular forms of media, they were “one-time-only” things. Once it aired, it was gone forever. The same is seen with Snapchat, once the 24 hours are over, the content disappears forever.

With its’ immediacy as its major marketing benefit and flaw, having a social media platform where your content self-destructs after 24 hours constantly keeps marketers on their creative toes in posting new, fresh, and engaging content. They can rely on a slight backbone of content that has already recently been posted, but each day should be treated as a fresh start. Also, Snapchat leaves a sense of refreshing independency without having to worry about how many likes/comments you get. It is all about impression.

Here are some ideas of strategically utilizing the basic time frame of Snapchat to accommodate your brand.

Guest Owners

This tactic is extremely similar to influencer marketing, where your company will basically “hand over the reigns” of your Snapchat to someone else to gain more exposure to the account and reach a new audience. Occasionally, Snapchat accounts will hand over the password to someone not directly hired by the company as a guest to “take over” the account for the day. This is typically seen with celebrities or other businesses on a B2B standpoint. Promoted through other social media accounts, this guest-owner-for-a-day should be engaging, relevant, connected to your brand, and offer a new insight that you have not already shown on your account thus far. The end goal is to drive new users to befriend your account, and stay connected after the guest owner’s timeshare has completed.

Taken from Pittsburgh Steeler player Le'Veon Bell's Twitter page promoting his guest ownership of the NFL Snapchat.
Taken from Pittsburgh Steeler player Le’Veon Bell’s Twitter page promoting his guest ownership of the NFL Snapchat.

Curated Content

As talked about in the post about how to look and sound on Snapchat, curating content was briefly discussed. Discover is already a model of curated content, as topics are brought together for each specific edition including National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, CNN and Comedy Central. So, why not make that more respective towards your account? Some examples can be through reposting something more high-quality of a photo, sharing news of your brand in Snapchat-form, and reposting natural reviews of your brand from your customers.

This post by The Content Strategist outlines the type of content seen on Discover, which can be made into an outline for your brand’s Snapchat. It includes limited, short and varied content with celebrities, and an easy swipe navigation.

Limit the posts!

Because the posts will disappear after 24 hours should actually give you an excuse in not posting a lot on Snapchat. Here’s why: your Snap Stories will stay on your friends’ news feeds throughout the day, and as long as you time your postings strategically, you will have a better chance in being viewed. Just as Hootsuite can schedule posts and tweets on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, make sure to time your posts based on higher traffic times in the day. There is no apparent time that drives the most views on Snapchat, but that is because it is still brand new to marketers!

TIP: Create a schedule to keep users engaged and expecting what is coming up that week. For example “Sale Saturday” which incorporates coupons or “Motivation Mondays.”

New Update

During the last week of March 2016, Snapchat released a new update that changed the algorithm in how people viewed their friends’ Snap Stories. Instead of users picking between which Stories they want loaded to be watched, Snapchat automatically does that for them. Once a user clicks on a Story, they will automatically be sent to the following Story in chronological order. On the top right corner, the account owner’s name change, showing the viewer when they are watching a new Story. This new update definitely increases the chances of being seen per day. Now is a great time to start planning out Stories and optimizing the 24-hour framework.

An example of the new look of Snapchat is seen in the figure below. You can see the time left in the Story at the top left and the name of the account and when they posted it in the top right.

Screenshot from my personal Snapchat.
Screenshot from my personal Snapchat.

Never forget that most users on Snapchat are aged 30 and younger, so the point of Snapchat is to be fun and creative. Once users understand a sense of the types of Stories they will expect from you, they will most likely view your content, which increases the amounts of impressions for your brand.


Do you have any ideas for better 24-hour engagement? Share in the comments below!

Snap you later.

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