Learning from Vogues use of Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung has pushed her way into the fashion industry. Starting out as a low profile model she has become a major influencer for many different Iconic brands in the fashion industry. Her personal style is very unique, which has gained her 2.2 million followers on Instagram, and she has a very loyal fan base in the world of fashion. Vogue capitalized on its Social Media presence, as well as its owned content, by picking her up and here is how.



Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 6.46.38 PM

Vogue has used Alexa in a capacity to create a lot of owned content. Alexa had already been known for her personal style and Vogue has almost branded her as their own by creating a lot of new content around her.

They have an entire timeline dedicated to Alexa and her style that dates back to 2008. Now, not only do they have countless photos of her from while she has been working at Vogue, they also have lots of her content from before started working with them located in her style file. This timeline also includes a hairstyle file and all the articles she’s worked on and contributed to for Vogue.



Creating a space for Alexa on there own website was a very smart move for Vogue. If you are working with a social media influencer, it can be very beneficial to give them their own space on some of your owned sites. This allows you to almost brand the social media influencer as your own and associate the brand with that person. If you are interested in the content they have been involved with in the past as well as content they have created in the past you now have the unique opportunity of using that content on your site.

Having her own space on your site also allows for her fans to become your fans. Alexa’s Twitter has 1.57 million followers and combining that with her Instagram you have a pretty large fan base in which you can reach people. If your owned site provides a space for all these fans to gather and look at Alexa’s content, the amount of site traffic will inevitably begin to turn her fans into your fans.




Another benefit Vogue has capitalized on is her presence on Instagram and Twitter. The fashion industry is extremely visual and the industry produces lots of visual content. Likewise, Alexa Chung is very active on Instagram and almost all of her posts are related to fashion (and if the posts are not, surely the outfits in them are), which is unique because even though she does not sell any products, millions of people go to her Instagram for fashion inspiration. She is a frequent poster that creates a lot of content, which Vogue can now curate for free.

On Twitter, she is known for her cheeky one liners that help to create the personality around her ultra chic and exclusive lifestyle. A good amount of her tweets link back to video content that was created around her from Vogue or there will be links to her new articles that can be found on her personal page on Vogue.



Because the fashion industry is so visual it is very important to create visual content. Vogue has done an excellent job at creating lots of video content around Alexa Chung. They have created various series on YouTube around her which are all published on their owned Vogue site. The main series, “The Future of Fashion,” is very popular and centers around Alexa. It is important to invest in your social media influencer in different kinds of content, but in the fashion industry it is very important to invest in visual content.


It can be very beneficial to set up a space dedicated to your social media influencer on one of your owned sites. The fashion industry is unique in a way because it allows for a lot of visual content, so it is important to dedicate an organized space for this content. This also allows for your social media influencer’s fan base to have a new place to get information and this will in turn drive more site traffic.

Another big takeaway would be to invest in visual content around your social media influencer. It is important to have a lot of owned content around your social media influencer because it establishes a deeper connection between the influencer and the brand.










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