Spotting Up and Comers

up and comer

There are two main types of people when it comes to being in the spotlight: the timeless, and the easily forgotten. Staying up to date with the latest and greatest can be difficult when things are ever changing. However, there is a third type: the up-and-comers.

How you go about finding the up-and-comers can be approached from a variety of ways:

#1: Google

Google is a plethora of information and has 99% of the answers you are looking for. The only downside is that it is accessible to everyone. If you are looking for a specific industry up-and-comer, this could be a great starting point. Lists of up-and-comers in a variety of industries are popping up all the time, sports, entertainment, fashion and more. With the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games just around the corner, has already created the list 16 Athletes to Watch in 2016. These lists will allow you to find the fresh new faces.

Knowing what to Google is the tricky part. Your search needs to be tailored and effective. Many people type a sentence or question into the search bar and sift through the results until they hopefully come across their answer. Instead, I recommend reading “How to Search on Google” which outlines 31 ways to optimize Google searches. While some of the tips are more useful than others, this article teaches how to search everything from the basics (Step 17: Translate) to less obvious (Step 31: Comparing Food).

How to search on google

#2: Look Behind the Scenes

Everyone remembers when Jennifer Lawrence hit the scene. She broke into the spotlight and was probably on every up-and-comer list that year. Now, if you wanted to go along with everyone else, you would try and reach out to her to be a fresh new face, but instead take it a step further and look behind the scenes.

The lesser known names are the stylists, designers, makeup artists and hair stylists. Although they are lesser know they hold high amounts of credibility.  If Mark Townsend says that chopping your hair is the look of the year, you may not believe him because ‘who is Mark Townsend?’ If Mark Townsend, Jennifer Lawrence’s hair stylist, says chopping your hair is the look of the year, everyone will be rushing to the salon to get the next ‘IT’ look.

Looking to those who support the stars will not only provide you with hyper-focused expertise, but also a very strong list of references!

When It Worked: Check out Tyler Henry who got his own show after appearing on an episode for Keeping Up with the Kardashians! He did an accurate reading for Khloe and instantly became a hit.

  1. Find Your Influencer’s Go-To

With everyone sharing everything these days, it’s no surprise that everyone has their favorite go-to: outfit, style blog, person, etc. Even some of the greatest influencers are influenced by others. Style Icon Gwen Stefani seems to play by her own rules, but while out last February, she rocked bright red sunglasses and a striped shirt inspired by the late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.

Finding these inspirations might not be as blatantly obvious as Gwen channeling her inner Kurt but there are a few quick tricks to finding them.

  • Scour Social Media

Anyone who uses social media follows things they are interested in. Your favorite people are no different. Check out their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social pages to see what they are following, liking and engaging with.

Hint: Celebs usually don’t follow back everyone who follows them, so there is a good chance the people that the follow matter. Check out below to see Gwen Stefani’s Followers v. Following 

tweet stats

  • Watch clips and videos

Even if the interview isn’t about their influences, sometimes the person will mention it passively. Although this takes a bit more work and not always guaranteed to yield results, it could provide information that others might not pick up on

Hint: Behind the Music has some great interviews! 

  • Engage

Some celebrities are very active on social channels, so ask away! The worst they can do is not respond; alternatively they could give you exactly what you are looking for. Ask them who they’re favorite new band is, or whatever peaks your interest. If they respond, you’re in.


To find an up-and-comer you don’t necessarily need to be with the “in” crowd, you just have to be in the know. Using these three tips, you can bring your influencer portfolio to the next level!



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