Optimizing Your Twitter Presence

Last week we discussed the anatomy of a great tweet. It’s great info to learn, but going off of that guide when tweeting is like following a recipe card. Today, we’re going to talk about making that recipe your own. We’ll be going into detail on the ways you can tweet that are specific to your business and will make people want to engage with your content.

There are two ways you want to go about getting the most eyes on your page. The first thing has to do with the content you’re tweeting out, and the second is with search engine optimization (commonly abbreviated as SEO). Both of these things are pretty easy to do, it’s all about putting out great content.

Creating Quality Content

Okay, so this might be a little easier said than done, but as the saying goes “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”. So you’re creating content for Twitter, you have to make sure that it’s quality in the sense that it looks/sounds good, but that it’s also on brand.

Written Content

Hopefully at this point you have a pretty firm handle on what your brand persona is. But if not, we’ve got you covered!  Here’s a fun chart to look at to help you figure yourself out. There’s a more comprehensive guide to the chart at Crackerjack Marketing, but ultimately what you’re trying to figure out is what your purpose is. What type of person are you trying to be? What is your tone, how do you want to sound when talking to customers? What kind of language are you using? And what is the purpose of your social media?

brand persona

An example for you might be: a playful-joking type of person whose tone is humorous. Your tweets are filled with technical terms, and you’re tweeting so that you can inform your customers while also being entertaining.

Visual Content

While Twitter is a microblogging platform, it is also important to post great visual content. According to a study done by BufferSocial, they found that tweets with images received 18% more click-throughs, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets.

twitter seo

And you don’t have to create special images just for Twitter. If you’re already posting on Instagram, feel free to cross-post the images back to your Twitter account.


Due to the amount of engagement that occurs when posting an image on Twitter, take advantage of it and pair your beautiful image with a strong Call to Action! If you’re running a special discount, or if you want people to check out your website, be sure to pair it with something pleasing to look at.

Upping the SEO

SEO sounds like one of those scary business acronyms, but it isn’t too difficult if you don’t want it to be. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and this ultimately means making your tweets and Twitter account extra easy for people to find when searching on Google (or their preferred search engine). Here are a few things you can tweak to maximize your SEO.

Bio and Profile Images

When creating your bio you want to make sure that you use keywords that are relevant to your business. In the example below, Door to Door Organics does a great job at being succinct in their description, and focuses on the organic and local aspects of their business. They also include a link to their website!

twitter bio seo

Both their profile image and header are great quality images that tie into the brand. And while posting quality images will get more people to see your content, you can also do more to optimize your images! The easiest way to do this is to include keywords that relate to the image, or your brand in the file name. AllBusiness suggests a few more ways to optimize your images if you want to get more in depth.


We talked briefly about hashtags last week, but they’re important, so we’ll touch on them again. Hashtags are tags that group your content with other content that has the same hashtag. This is beneficial in a couple different ways.

Hashtags can be used in general. For instance if you have a greenhouse and you’re posting about your new batch of succulents, you might want to write it as #succulents instead.

You can also create a hashtag that is specific to your business. This allows you to foster community with your followers. You can see what they’re tweeting about you, and it also allows customers join in on the conversation. In addition to that you can use hashtags for contests and games to boost engagement.

And if you’re wondering how many hashtags to include in your tweets, the sweet spot is one to two.

hashtag usage

But This is Just the Start

Yes, it is just the start for you Small Business Owner! Depending on how much time you want to spend on optimizing every single aspect of your Twitter, you can do it. But these tips are some simple solutions to help you get not only a lot of eyes on your tweets, but to get people engaged.

With that in mind, though, this isn’t a guarantee! You will have to try things out and see what really works for you and your business. The best way to do that is to look at your analytics, but that’s a whole other conversation for next week!


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