TOMS Takes SEO to a New Level

TOMS shoes red

For all of those readers out there who have been skeptical about whether or not SEO can actually impact website traffic and business, look for confirmation no further. TOMS, aided by the work of Wpromote, a digital marketing strategy firm, optimized their website and ended up with a traffic increase of more than 1,000 percent.

TOMS’ goals

First of all, TOMS initial problems to solve must be understood. TOMS underwent a site migration as a part of its process to appeal to their global audience (when a website changes its URL to reflect going international, a name change, or rebranding). In TOMS’ case, their website needed to be suitable for international use, while still maintaining their impressive SEO rankings from their last website. TOMS had its work cut out for them.

Not only did TOMS hope to maintain their website traffic, but they wanted to see an increase in traffic after their move to an international URL. This put a lot of pressure on Wpromote, as site migrations are often risky processes that can actually result in lowered traffic, and in the worst cases, a drop in revenue.

Expert SEO gets the job done

TOMS’ site migration was carried out smoothly and efficiently for a number of reasons, all of which benefited the overall SEO of the TOMS website.

At the time of Wpromote’s work with TOMS website migration, the one-to-one company happened to be launching a national television commercial. This advertising fostered increased intrigue in the brand, and therefore, more website traffic. This shows the importance of timely SEO work. The launch of a marketing campaign aligned with the site migration, so that customers searching TOMS online would immediately arrive at TOMS new and improved, international website. It may just be coincidence that TOMS site revamp and new advertising happened simultaneously, but if it was, it was a lucky mistake that drove traffic.

Since the TOMS website was receiving increased traffic, URL mapping (a tactical part of site migration in which URLs from all pages on the old site are redirected to new URLs for the new site) had to be precise and optimized for keywords. URLs are taken into account in search rankings, so they should be keyword-rich. The creation of find-able URLs is one way in which TOMS’ migration went swimmingly.

In addition to the fairly technical site work, TOMS also implemented a trusty link building campaign, focused on persuading fashion bloggers who had similar target audiences to create inbound links to TOMS site. This link building was a part of TOMS “online reputation management.”   

The results are in

At the end of the day, TOMS defied all odds with their site migration. The result that the charity retailer was able to obtain are ideal for businesses large and small. All in all, TOMS not only maintained their organic search rankings from before the site migration, but they added value to these rankings by expanding their inbound links.

TOMS rose to the number one page ranking spot for their brand’s name and other unbranded keywords. Lastly, the company experienced an astounding 1,000 percent increase in daily unique visitors to their new, international site.

TOMS blog screenshot
[Source: TOMS “Stories” blog]
These shiny numbers did not make the TOMS web team take a vacation though. TOMS continued to carry out the SEO best practices that gave them their results in the first place. By reaching out to more and more influencers and having fans and employees write blog posts for their site, TOMS was able to keep their website fresh and relevant for Google’s rankings robots.  

Now, it is safe to say that TOMS’ success story is definitely not the norm. The numbers achieved at the end of all of this SEO work are not stats to which small businesses should compare their websites (mostly because smaller companies don’t have the time or money to hire Wpromote to do all of the technical work). But by practicing simple steps to optimize a site when changes are happening, such as link building, URL mapping, and keyword monitoring, websites can survive heavy renovations.








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