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Instagram-adsHave you ever been scrolling down your Instagram feed and notice a post from an account you thought you were not following? Let me tell you, you’re not losing your mind, these sponsored ads appear every once in awhile as a way for companies to advertise their products, services, or announce an upcoming event to a specific target market. Instagram created this tool not only for large companies but also for individuals. To run ads on Instagram, all you need is an active Facebook page. Ever since this feature was launched, marketers have been ecstatic. Constantly coming up with new ways in which the sponsored ads can enhance personal and businesses’ Instagram accounts with measurable outcomes.

        In order to determine whether an ad will be effective or not, advertisers may want to know, “who will be seeing my ad,” “how does Instagram decide who will be seeing my ad?” Technology sure has a way to bring together all your likes and interests from different sources. Instagram wants to show its users ads that will appeal to each individual. To achieve this successfully, Instagram uses information from your Instagram account activity and Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) as well as information gathered from other apps you have and use on a regular basis. These things combined help Instagram narrow down the target for the sponsored ads companies will be posting. For example, Ivy Green may see a sponsored ad on her Instagram feed based on the people she follows, pictures she likes and accounts she follows on Instagram; her information on Facebook as well as her interests and several website apps Ivy has visited before.

The TV and fashion industry are capitalizing on Instagram’s sponsored ads by respectively, promoting new movies and TV shows and introducing the new collections brands will be releasing.  Everyone can and should take advantage of this tool in order to attract more customers and create a relationship with them.

This relatively new and low cost feature has enabled companies to have a broader reach and allow them to engage with their customers. Advertising through Instagram is measurable, which makes it even more appealing for companies to join.

       Fact: According to Elizabeth Dean from WordStream, Instagram has 400 million active monthly users, who post 80 million photos and like 3.5 billion photos on a daily basis. Instagram is an extremely fast growing social platform that has opened its doors to the advertising industry by allowing ads to be sponsored. A case study that was posted on Instagram’s website claims that sponsored ads posted on this social platform result in a “2.8x higher ad recall than other online advertising.”

 Michael Kors was the first brand to advertise on Instagram and this was their post:



This post by Ben&Jerry’s won the top spot for the best sponsored ad on Instagram. The ice cream is placed exactly in the middle where the Instagram heart appears when a user likes the photo.





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Michael Kors:


Ben & Jerry’s:


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