Face-to-Face with Facebook

Market Share

Why you should care

Facebook is the preeminent social media site. It dominates the the social media world like no other, the graph above illustrates the lead Facebook has over the rest of the industry by comparing the market share of various social networks. Considering how large Facebook is, having a basic understanding of it is critical in today’s ever connected world. On Facebook you have the ability to reach millions of people, of course as a small business owner you shouldn’t expect a million likes any time soon, but the fact that its even possible proves how important Facebook is for a business of any size.

Facebook is a place where you can post important messages about your business along with photos, videos, and assorted other links to spread your business’ presence on the web. Users can like your page and share the things you post, thus spreading the word of your business to their friends!

The users of Facebook

According to Facebook there are some 1.4 billion users registered with the social media site, and the company estimates that more than 900 million visit it each day. As you can see in the graph below, the largest demographic on Facebook is the 20-29 years old age group. But that doesn’t mean the other age groups aren’t active in high volumes on Facebook.


If you look at the next graph below you can see how many more adults in each age group use Facebook, compared to Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. While this may not include other important social networks, it illustrates the point that Facebook is the most used social network for all these different age groups. It also highlights that many adults 50+ years old favour Facebook significantly over other social networks.

Infographic: Social Seniors Flock to Facebook | Statista

When examined by gender, you will find Facebook is composed of more females than males. Females actually make up 54% of users while males make up 46% according to Statista. But don’t worry, as you can see below both women and men still use Facebook more than any other social media site.
Women More Likely to Use Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram; Online Forums Popular Among Men

Small Business on Facebook

A survey taken back in 2012 among small business owners revealed that most considered Facebook the most effective of social media sites. This was especially true for small businesses focused on the business to consumer side of things. Facebook was even considered the best for business to business marketing. But, the simple fact is no matter what business you have, chances are that Facebook will be the most effective social media for your business.


First thing to know as a small business looking to get on social media, is getting on Facebook is easy. Some businesses may already have a following they don’t even know about, as seen below. This is because Facebook automatically generates pages for certain businesses based on people mentioning them on Facebook. As a small business owner you can claim this page as yours to help get you started, the page may already have content and likes from your current customers. If you by chance stumble upon one of these auto-generated pages after already creating a page of your own, you may claim and merge the auto-generated page with your own. Below are examples of a small business that is on Facebook versus one that is not.


As you can see in the examples of pages above, whether or not you have a page yet, customers can easily rate and review your business. Now of course a benefit of having a presence on Facebook is the ability to respond to customers’ feedback and concerns. If you’re a business with an auto-generated page, and not on Facebook, these customers go unnoticed.

In future post we will go into more detail for how to interact with customers on Facebook and choosing what to post.

If there are a few things to take away from this first post it should be.

  1. Facebook has a broad appeal to all age groups
  2. There is a larger female than male audience on Facebook
  3. Seniors particularly favor Facebook over other social networks
  4. A business may already have an auto-generated page
  5. A business may always claim an auto-generated page

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