Youtube Product Placement: 5 Promotional Youtubers

Youtubers have recently taken over the social media scene. With their hilarious videos, helpful tutorials, and genuine personalities, fans have fallen in love with them. Some have as many as 42 million subscribers. Fans are incredibly loyal and will spend hours at a time watching their videos. So what better way to advertise a product then to partner up with one of the many famous Youtubers? Both the video-maker and the brand benefit from the promotions. Here, I’ve highlighted 5 popular Youtubers who hold sponsorships and use their videos for promotion.

  1. Tyler Oakley for

Subscriber count: 7.4 MIL

Tyler has been a longtime partner with He promotes the site in a majority of his biweekly videos and offers a special promotion for his viewers to receive their first audiobook free. In order to receive the free audiobook, viewers must connect through Oakley’s personalized link, which can only be found in his video descriptions. This tactic helps to raise his view count and makes him a strong Youtube presence. Both Oakley and Audible benefit from the partnership.

2. Zoella for Rimmel London

Subscriber count: 10 MIL

Zoella is a popular beauty and lifestyle Youtuber. She is known for her incredible makeup tutorials, in which she describes in full detail how to get a certain look using her favorite beauty products. She does, of course, receive most of the beauty products for free in exchange for her promotion of them in her videos. One product that I noticed she very heavily pushed in her most recent tutorial is Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish Liquid Foundation. It is quite obvious that she is being asked to promote the product due to the amount of information she knows about it. Fans are aware of Zoella’s ability to receive free beauty products, so it’s not as though she’s attempting to hide it. She genuinely promotes products, meaning she would never promote a product she did not like, so fans can trust her recommendations.

3. Dan and Phil for Double Stuf Oreo

Subscriber count: 5 MIL

Dan and Phil are a comedy Youtube duo known for their quirky but charming videos. In one particular video made on Dan’s channel, the boys participate in what Oreo calls the “Lick Challenge.” At the beginning of the video, Dan tells us that he received an email, along with an abundance of free Double Stuff Oreos, from the company itself asking him to participate. The inquiry asked him to promote their product on his channel. He ended up making the video, helping out both himself and Oreo. Oreo received a free promotion of its product while Dan and Phil got another hilarious video challenge idea.

4. Bethany Mota for K-Cups and Topshop

Subscriber count: 9 MIL

Bethany Mota is a well-known fashion and lifestyle blogger, as well as a fashion designer for Aeropostale. She often does “Guide To” videos in which she will provide viewers with helpful guide on whatever topic she chooses (Winter, gifts, food, etc.). In these videos, she recommends a number of products to her fans, most of which she has been asked to promote. In her most recent “Winter Guide,” she advertises Keurig K-Cups and a sweater that she received from Topshop. Both Bethany and the brand benefit from the promotions because Bethany can provide her fans with a helpful tips while also driving consumers to the brand.

5. Tyler Oakley for NatureBox

Subscriber count: 7.4 MIL

I know what you’re thinking: Didn’t she already tell us about Tyler Oakley? Indeed I did. However, he is notorious for his shameless product promotions within his videos and I wanted to emphasize this by highlighting one more. Another brand besides which Tyler offers a promotional deal to viewers is NatureBox. NatureBox is a healthy snack supplier that ships boxes of healthy snacks to your house if you pay a monthly rate. Tyler teamed up with the company to provide fans with 50% off their first month. Once again, the link could only be retrieved by watching one of Tyler’s videos, bringing him viewers as well as bringing NatureBox more customers.

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