Top Influencers in the Beauty Industry

With the rise of social media and the increasing digital space, it’s no wonder that top beauty brands are the first to jump on the influencer trend. The use of bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers has propelled both high-end and drugstore beauty brands to reach a larger and more diverse audience. In 2015 top brands such as L’oreal, Cover Girl and Bobbi Brown created strictly digital marketing plans to launch their new products to customers. Their success would not have been possible had they not reached out and partnered with those that are already succeeding in the digital and social media world.

When determining what type of individual to reach out to in regards to representing your beauty product or brand, it’s imperative that you consider how you want to market the brand. Customers will turn to different types of media outlets when they are looking for different things.

Blogging allows customers to read about and digest the review that an influencer has posted about the product. Although digital, it is comparatively similar to traditional reading so it’s no surprise that bloggers continue to reach an older audience.

On the other hand, maybe you’re looking for more of a candid “on the spot” review or “how to” tutorial using your product. Vlogging allows customers to connect more personally with their influencer. Through the camera, the audience feels like they are experiencing the review along with the influencer. The vlogging scene generally reaches a younger demographic because of the Millennial generation’s need for constant interaction. Vloggers are also extremely present on social media because it’s the outlet that they use to reach their audience as well (primarily through YouTube).

So where are these influencers and how do you reach them?

According to Style Caster Media Group the top US based beauty bloggers include Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea, Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior and Serena Goh of The Spicy Stiletto. The Top US based beauty vlogging world is dominated by Los Angeles based Michelle Phan as she continues to top the charts boasting 8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Each video she posts reaches an average of 1-3 million views. Her high numbers are followed closely behind with vlogger Andrea Brooks reaching 3.7 million subscribers and Dulce Candy reaching 2 million subscribers.
Regardless of which influencer you use, the key to utilizing an influencer for all that they have to offer is through their social media reach. Although having a blogger write a post about your brand or a vlogger posting a review on YouTube is important, social media is unique and necessary because of how instant it reaches an audience.

Let’s return back to Michelle Phan. The 28 year old has over 2.1 million Instagram followers and 678K Twitter followers. For every video she posts, she will post a corresponding tweet or picture to advertise her new video. It’s likely that even customers that do not subscribe to her on YouTube will follow her on social media platforms. With this your product or brand has the potential to reach a large number of additional customers almost instantly. If customers are then interested in the product they can follow through and see how Michelle has used the product in her videos.

The same can be said about Shea Marie boasting 958K Instagram followers. Her past work with brands has shown that often beauty brands will choose to market their product exclusively on her social media channels because of her high numbers and instant reach they can access.

So what does this all mean for new beauty products or brands trying to break through the scene?

First you must consider what type of audience you want to target. Stick to the blogging scene for an older mature audience and turn towards the vlogging scene for millennials and younger generations because of their need for that extra personality from their infleuncer.

Second, consider your influencers interaction with social media in every aspect of your marketing strategy. Whether this means that you work with an influencer strictly through social media or follow up to ensure that they post about their review on social media, it’s imperative to reach a wider audience and gain brand recognition among your audience.

Finally, don’t forget to recognize that sometimes the best type of marketing you can do is through strictly social media and continue to utilize and monitor who the new “it girl” is.

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