The Top 5 Filters on Instagram for Advertising

Brands are constantly finding new ways to advertise themselves to the public through social media. Photos are the primary way of getting the attention of customers and with Instagram, it has become even easier to do so! But before a brand starts posting to the public, they need to make sure they’ve got the right filter beforehand.

The better set up a company has on their Instagram feed, the more likely they will receive engagement from their fans. The design of Instagram photos have to be engaging, flow together as one unit and pop with color. GAP, Starbucks and Urban Outfitters are perfect examples of Instagram feeds that truly grab your attention and reel you in to double-tap their images.

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A company can curate any content they wish, but if it doesn’t have the right aesthetic and proper filter, their advertising will fail miserably. However, if it picks one or two Instagram filters and sticks with them consistently, their ads will glow like the top of the Chrysler building.

Our team at Post And Promote has identified the top five filters a brand can use to market themselves to a wider audience and make their ads come to life through social media.

For lifestyle shots, white backdrops and extra sunlight or any photo taken outdoors:

  1. Gingham

If you’re going for an all black and white theme but want to keep the brightness up a bit:

2. Moon

For clothing lines and any food photography:

3. Reyes

For photos involving wood, counter tops, inanimate objects, or nature:

4. Slumber

If you’re trying to stay classic and keep your photo pretty simple:

5. Sierra


While Instagram was the first to originate the “filters”, we find that most brands are using VSCO Cam (a photo editing application) to edit their ads and social media. Chances are most fashion lines and restaurant chains are using professional photos that are photoshopped but if a company is on the rise, they will often head to VSCO to edit their iPhone shots before taking them to Instagram.

Some of the best picks we’ve seen? C1, F2, HB1 and HB2. These filters work well with every type of advertisement ranging from lifestyle, wellness, food, sports and so on. While the app and other photo editing tools like it may cost money, don’t worry! You can always revert to our top 5 filters in the Instagram app itself.

Just remember, keep your advertisements consistent with your color and shape!

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